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  1. RT @TimKington: I've been doing this for 20 years, and yesterday I googled substring() https://t.co/QjLwlwumEn

  2. @FraserIBrown Have fun! Such a good board game!

  3. @Dr_EdFisher_UK @wellcometrust Ah well, see article i shared on FB. :)

  4. RT @author_poconnor: @Kasparov63 @chucktodd Nobody ever criticized me when I started playing in rated tournaments at 29 or so. Sometimes, I…

  5. @JimGrange Well, what was it on then? I'm now curious :) Hope it went well!

  6. @Supreme_Owl_FTW @TimHarford @FuSchmu @ZachWeiner Hasn't it always been a key life skill?

  7. Right then, it's been a wee while. Let's see if I remember how to play this game. https://t.co/lh4bcOtuUb

  8. @Dr_EdFisher_UK What else did you expect?

  9. @TomFoulsh Well, presumably the other reviewer already doesn't agree, which is why a revision was asked for. Review… https://t.co/2blEBmj2zG

  10. RT @drs1969: I am really enjoying the @BBCNews Beyond 100 days team of @KattyKayBBC and @ChristianFraser they are refreshingly direct

  11. @compliancedivis @Kasparov63 Seems to be a choice between them, or crazy right wing Brexit supporters.

  12. @TimHarford I think I said this last time you posted this, but doesn't Martin Gardener's (1959) Mathematical Games column deserve a mention?

  13. @rlmcelreath Hi, I have a question about data collection/analysis I'd love to get your opinion on. [is email best? as tweet too short!] Ta!

  14. @TomFoulsh ...and ? still awaiting your verdict.

  15. @Dr_EdFisher_UK @C_Goodfellow_ @PhDForum @PhdWomenScot Only an hour or two? If you're going to review a paper, do i… https://t.co/AEFiUNMKx6