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  1. @matthewherbert The response: "Haha is he going to pay the £2500+ to swim it as well?"

  2. RT @TimHarford: How Cambridge Analytica exploited the data rush with style https://t.co/UL7uU7nETz Lesson 1: Beware Eton educated executive…

  3. @JimGrange Fancy heading to one of the upcoming competitions? I'm tempted by the Not the London Open.

  4. RT @TimHarford: Have voters changed their minds about Brexit? (NB This piece is by the indefatigable John Curtice and thus must be read.) h…

  5. @JimGrange I've had this several times with Journal of Vision. You expect better when they charge such silly publication fees.

  6. RT @TimHarford: Good thread: the Brexit situation looks on an unsustainable trajectory in many ways, yet much of the political landscape is…

  7. A three way tie at Skye with 5 games from 6. #baduk. Sadly I came third on the tiebreak rule. Still, good times

  8. @edwinbrady Well, I hope you can. Cold wind, but otherwise perfect weather up here. Just back from a bracing walk up into the hills.

  9. I got to play on a proper board with slate and shell stones. Perhaps one day, I'll be able to justify getting some… https://t.co/LVRVkjfFQs

  10. After 6 losses, just won my first game as a 1dan on Tygem #baduk.

  11. @AlexaHaynes2012 @NileSays Doesn't this set a bad precedence? Next up, people will be adding/removing parking restr… https://t.co/upzKwbycvh

  12. Great weekend spent at the London Go Centre. And a pro reviewed one of my games

  13. RT @Adamdbulley: Just watched the @alphagomovie. A brilliant film documenting an astonishing and emotional triumph of human ingenuity. Some…

  14. @KermodeMovie One of the few things i disliked about BR2049 was the soundtrack... I would have loved to hear what J… https://t.co/fw9e8jzjWv

  15. RT @TimHarford: ICYMI, I wrote all the statistical advice you could want on a postcard. Share and enjoy! https://t.co/QiWQ4P8EAR https://t.…