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  1. @JimGrange Submit to a better journal :p

  2. @TomFoulsh @Netjeridi @froukehe I guess it's a good thing i wrote my bias paper when I did. Keep your eyes peeled f… https://t.co/vWwH6igKXF

  3. @AlxEtz ... my non-academic friends are often pretty jealous of the life we lead. I doubt many of them would have t… https://t.co/Z7cq0pU3S7

  4. RT @jimwaterson: YouGov megapoll (we'll never know the actual figures) suggests young voter turnout was still much lower than for older gen…

  5. @R_Patfield I think they're over selling an average regattron song.

  6. @chrisremo I'm slowly catching up with IIT..... how goes the cold shower capper? Do you still endorse it?

  7. @alireyns GMT. So probably best to pre-arrange sometime. Perhaps at the weekend

  8. @alireyns I worry this will ruin online-play.

  9. I'd like to point out I was opening with 3-3 in the corner at last year's Isle of Skye comp., way before it was cool. #AlphaGo17

  10. Had a great time hanging out at OSU. Next up, vss...

  11. @JimGrange And more importantly if you have a statistically significant result, it doesn't automatically mean you did anything right.

  12. @froukehe @JimGrange @DrGBuckingham Just Ecvp. Maybe I'll make exem next time

  13. @rafiqbhatia @TheJazzGallery I hope it sees the light of day sooner rather than later! It felt like a jazz tinged f… https://t.co/qVLMeyI4Qi

  14. @jimwaterson Promises to be an amusing farce. Could we get @Aiannucci to host?

  15. @JimGrange Also: any book that stimulates a hobby or interest outside of your academic topic, as a healthy life-work balance is important.