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  1. @JimGrange you may find this interesting: https://t.co/wcEQ2WakPZ

  2. RT @TimHarford: Deconstructing the synth sounds of Blade Runner: https://t.co/sjYSYu0pEb

  3. @CRChartier When is the deadline today? The student I'm working with is just trying to flesh some things out :)

  4. @alexanderirvine It's been depressingly hard to find a psych paper for suggested reading that doesn't include textb… https://t.co/vnuGJ1A1bF

  5. @JimGrange uuurgggghhh.

  6. @rlmcelreath Incredibly helpful. The aim of the course is to give them the skills and confidence required so that c… https://t.co/M2JUiF9YNa

  7. @AidieKirk @cdhay How does it compare to agot v2?

  8. @kayemme83 @bethhannah64 I find it a terrible way to stay informed, my feed is mainly froth and culture wars.

  9. @alexanderirvine I'm not winning against 4 and 3kyus consistently enough!

  10. RT @JElvisWeinstein: This photo looks like a lost Pink Floyd album cover. https://t.co/z8UmrtFdAA

  11. @froukehe @JimGrange @chrsmln Why not test it then? Seems like an easy thing to measure.

  12. @froukehe @JimGrange @chrsmln As far as I can tell, python > R for machine learning, etc. R's still my main languag… https://t.co/gFlP08IYEl

  13. @katejjeffery @clelandpsych ... for example, where I grew up, "should have" was pronounced "should of," and I've fo… https://t.co/7OzqcvDWId

  14. @JimGrange Early evening works for me. or i could email my annotated sgf

  15. RT @Kasparov63: Putin is a poker player. He bases his hostile actions on evaluating his opponents, not just the cards. They keep folding, h…