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  1. @FraserIBrown If you ignore all the people getting in the way of everything.

  2. Maybe I'm wrong and everybody else is right? That would explain a lot: from music and films to politics and belief.

  3. @chipboaz For example I really really love Richard Bona's latest album (and everything else he's recorded, of course!)

  4. @inferencelab "Our investigation has revealed interesting results." Hmm

  5. @R_Patfield Good question. I suspect it's more or less the same. Obama ordered a lot of drone strikes etc… https://t.co/apx8W5q21W

  6. @alphaville34 @britgo Most days. But it's nowhere near as enjoyable as playing a real game. I miss spending the eve… https://t.co/83nXmmRMfS

  7. @R_Patfield Nice. I saw him at Ronnie Scott's on Saturday. Great gig

  8. @profbrucehood @IainGilchrist1 https://t.co/Vx7JUYozlQ

  9. RT @sapinker: The Bell Curve: I don't agree with it on race, but public discussion of the book has been ignorant and dishonest. https://t.c…

  10. @TimKington "This offer is only available in the US and Canada. We apologize for the geographic restriction, unfor… https://t.co/wms63Q2h1z

  11. @JeSuisFedUp @jimwaterson what % would you like or to be?

  12. Friday evening game of go #baduk And I managed to take all four corners + tengen from a 5kyu! https://t.co/Jr1bS0oYXX

  13. @alireyns At least you didn't have to get up at 3am to watch the games, which would finish just in time for breakfast before going to work.

  14. @ConversationUK How about before WWII, if we take a longer more historical look?

  15. @JimGrange no worries. Do feel free to ask for a game. Teaching games are a great opportunity for me to work on my basics