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  1. For sale is a lovely early 2000's Gretsch historic series acoustic model number g3303. Top- solid Sitka back and sides solid rosewood maple neck with rosewood fretboard grover tuners Has a few marks on it but nothing major only 2000 of these were ever made, gutted it's having to go but it's Christmas and as per I'm skint. £250 with a soft case
  2. Jake- last night at tunnels, was gonna get a photo but thought it was too creepy.
  3. Graham knight, driving on great northern road at 8.35 am yestarday morning.
  4. Not sure on the fanny waggon but you look great xxx
  5. Guys can we just back to the point of the thread? Motorbykes.
  6. This man speaks the truth...
  7. Fair enough I was a cunt when I first started on the forum and for a while after that. I wouldn't consider it bullying but I mean fair enough on Mac for defending me in what seemed to be unfair, uncalled for, cuntish behaviour. Fair enough my my spelling is pretty gash but the joke is getting kinda old now.
  8. I'm all for joking around but let's be serious have I ever in the 5 years on the forum posted anything on here that hasn't been taken the piss out of?
  9. When was the last time I ever gave abuse on this forum? Saying that before this post I think I've visited this forum about 5 times over the last 2 years.
  10. I like this guys attitude
  11. Knew there was a reason I didn't say happy birthday...
  12. Payday 2- older game and I've not played it since the first, great idea of the game and the robberies are great on it, I've got quite into playing it and spent a lot of time doing so just a few wee things that annoys me; weapon customisation- you can't just buy mods ($28,000) for a mod is ridiculous but not only that you have to unlock it then buy it, and do the same for every single mod on each weapon. The AI's are the usual crap, basically storm troopers when it comes to shooting, glitch a lot and always get taken into custody by the police, only good thing is they are good for reviving. The payouts at the end can be kinda gash and not worth it unless you do like a 3 day mission with paid out $600,000 buy then you only walk away with $150,000. The offshore account is bullshit. its a time consuming game but can be quite fun if you get a good team online
  13. How many times do we have to tell you? It's just your period!
  14. Well not always, I know plenty of folk who use super bikes I.e r1s, s1000rrs, z1000rs for just city use, not practical really considering their high performance bikes
  15. Out of curiosity what gear you wearing? Just away to purchase a new set which im getting staff discount with luckily. including; shoei gt air regallia (dark visor obviously) alpinestars Gp plus leather jacket and matching leather trousers alpinestars smx2 gloves alpinestars goretex boots and still deciding what coms kit to go with Sena or cardo.
  16. Dream set up- 2 fender 65 deluxe reverb in stereo through a Martin d28 with strymon timeline, strymon big sky, empress multidrive and mxr m108s
  17. Looking to set up or join an acoustic band, ideally; vocals 2 guitars (one acoustic obviously) bass or cello cajon or light drums been playing guitar for 5-6 years, will be happy to throw in some harmonies although I'm not the strongest singer main influences include, Ben Howard, newton faulkner, Benjamin Francis leftwitch, John butler, Mumford and sons, admiral fallow,and frightened rabbit
  18. Either way still a bonnevile! And tbh I prefer disc to abs a bit more fun to play with, fair enough abs is a lot more safer though, but the plan is disc brakes are gonna be a thing of the past and all new bikes will be abs. Planning pn on doing my full a2 in august once I come back from holiday. Just choosing a bike that's the problem for me, would love a Ducati hypermotard but issue is finding an 1100cc one as the newer 939's can't be restricted. Then there is the cost of the insurance got quoted £4300 by Bennetts, yeah like I'm gonna pay that! So looking like I may go for a Harley iron 883, tad more comfortable and practable as I'm not that tall!
  19. Lovely bikes aren't they? Just too slow but I do love the cafe racer conversions of the old cm's and cb's, you got the t120 or the newer t100?
  20. Can't find a forum on here anywhere for this so thought I'd start one! starting off here was my first bike; 1983 Honda cm custom 125, lovely japnese bike most comfortable thing I've ever ridden shame it could barely do 50! Second bike; 2007 Honda cbr 125, possibly the fastest 125 with a few cheeky extras on it, especially the carbon black widow exhaust, top speed 105, which is fairly impressive for a 125. As for now im building a cafe racer from a 2006 Chinese bike, currently getting the; engine, forks, suspension, alloys and rear swing arm powder coated black, after that awaiting new headlight, indicators, chain and sprockets, plus throttle and clutch cables then all I need to do is put it back toghether! So is is there anybody else here who owns a motorbike?
  21. Paul Shand, yestarday around 5 I think cycling home on great northern road, same on Monday and most days but I never say hello
  22. Tbh they did choose the wrong mission for the beta as it did include a lot of travelling, there's planes and helicopters and there fast travel too which saves time but even then yeah a lot of driving, it does get a bit boring!
  23. Your welcome to come try it man, as far as home/ dodgy shed studio space it's more mid range than budget I'd say
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