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  1. Bassist required to assist with the continuing development of noise, ken?! Range of tempo's, time signatures and decibels - essentially aiming for an eclectic kind of band covering range of music styles. Is there anybody out there?
  2. Bassist and drummer wanted for alt-rock, progressive and experimental band. Influences include Nick Cave, Yo La Tengo, Wilco, Tom Waits, Pink Floyd, Spiritualized etc etc... If interested, even for a jam, test the water, call Dave 07928289941. Cheers
  3. you looking for a band man ? i sent ya a text

  4. Yo yo, You posted this a while back but if you're still looking for band or to start one then I am up for a jam, see what the score is. Have songs, am singer, play guitar etc. email at mltv99-09@hotmail.com Nice one, Dave.
  5. Fit Like Singer/guitarist with songs looking for drummer, bassist and possibly another guitarist. Wanting to jam all kinds of styles. Looking for a solid and open minded set up. Interested? Dave 07928289941.
  6. Wow!!! Amazin musical taste, i too am commited to a solo thing but with Television, Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Jesus Mary Chain, Sonic Youth and shoegaze mentioned its imperitive that i get in touch!!! I would happily join this as a guitarist (i play other instruments so lemme know). Jamming twice a fortnight is also a good limit as other stuff will likely come up. So yeah, Well up for!!!
  7. He! Just saw after i posted that that you guys into mars volta, floyd etc etc etc and a drummers just got back too. Def gimme a shout if you wanna jam cause acoustic jams are somma the best
  8. Drummer/Bassist Alrighty!!! Well I can play drums or Bass - I have a Bass, my drum set is old and in Huntly so that may be a problem, so could have a jam as a Bassist if you want. What kinda music you guys doin? I write a lot of stuff myself so if it clicked we could collaborate. (???) Your call, i'm after a band too you see, to get my own stuff sorted. Anyhoo, lemme know if you wanna jam... Cheers, Dave.
  9. Play guitar, keys and sing. Pretty eclectic music taste with key influences Floyd, Verve, Spiritualized, Dylan, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Primal Scream, King Crimson and a shedload more... Got songs but generally want to jam new ones and gig!!! You ken fit like!!! Dave.
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