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  1. Bassist required to assist with the continuing development of noise, ken?! Range of tempo's, time signatures and decibels - essentially aiming for an eclectic kind of band covering range of music styles. Is there anybody out there?
  2. Bassist and drummer wanted for alt-rock, progressive and experimental band. Influences include Nick Cave, Yo La Tengo, Wilco, Tom Waits, Pink Floyd, Spiritualized etc etc... If interested, even for a jam, test the water, call Dave 07928289941. Cheers
  3. you looking for a band man ? i sent ya a text

  4. Yo yo, You posted this a while back but if you're still looking for band or to start one then I am up for a jam, see what the score is. Have songs, am singer, play guitar etc. email at mltv99-09@hotmail.com Nice one, Dave.
  5. Fit Like Singer/guitarist with songs looking for drummer, bassist and possibly another guitarist. Wanting to jam all kinds of styles. Looking for a solid and open minded set up. Interested? Dave 07928289941.
  6. Wow!!! Amazin musical taste, i too am commited to a solo thing but with Television, Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Jesus Mary Chain, Sonic Youth and shoegaze mentioned its imperitive that i get in touch!!! I would happily join this as a guitarist (i play other instruments so lemme know). Jamming twice a fortnight is also a good limit as other stuff will likely come up. So yeah, Well up for!!!
  7. He! Just saw after i posted that that you guys into mars volta, floyd etc etc etc and a drummers just got back too. Def gimme a shout if you wanna jam cause acoustic jams are somma the best
  8. Drummer/Bassist Alrighty!!! Well I can play drums or Bass - I have a Bass, my drum set is old and in Huntly so that may be a problem, so could have a jam as a Bassist if you want. What kinda music you guys doin? I write a lot of stuff myself so if it clicked we could collaborate. (???) Your call, i'm after a band too you see, to get my own stuff sorted. Anyhoo, lemme know if you wanna jam... Cheers, Dave.
  9. Well I have to agree, NME is garbage. Another couple of mags that have gone dropping down in my estimations like dead flies are Rolling Stone and Q - I remember when Q was amazing, now its full of whatever pish overnight chart sensation has just done an absolutely dire version of an amazing old tune (U Got The Love!!!) WHAT-TH-FUK??? I've seen covers of Rolling Stone with Rhianna (or whoever) on! Hunter S. Thompson would mace those twats!!! Repeatedly - right in the eyes... So I read Uncut occasionally... But would rather read Total Guitar or something a wee bit decent.
  10. Play guitar, keys and sing. Pretty eclectic music taste with key influences Floyd, Verve, Spiritualized, Dylan, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Primal Scream, King Crimson and a shedload more... Got songs but generally want to jam new ones and gig!!! You ken fit like!!! Dave.
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