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  1. I'm after a neck for a fender jaguar. If anyone has one lying around please pm me. Cheers.
  2. Tricky thing writing an ad...Truth is we're just a sell out indie covers band fickle and foul of playing whatever the crowd might dance to. It's just a bit of fun... Cheers, Andy Bell
  3. i know i know searching for muso's with these ads is almost futile exercise...to be honest glad just not to get flamed for the Oasis mention Cheers guys
  4. ok so 1 day is way too early for a bump...I know this but only had one PM for this...what's up bassmen...no luv for indie rock in this town? bands we cover include Stone Roses, RHCP, Smiths, Jake Bugg, Miles Kane, Blur, Suede, Doves, Primal Scream, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Noel Gallagher, RATM, Foo Fighters, KOL...etc first jam is free too...c'mon what more d'ya want? Ta.x.
  5. Local covers group Northern Lines are on the lookout for a bass player. No timewasters need apply/reply... Good times. x.
  6. Local covers group looking for replacement bassman. We play indie rock stuff mostly and have been gigging round Aberdeen for past 2-3 years. If you fancy joining us please get in touch. Ta.
  7. Nice one...cheers mate!
  8. I'm looking for somebody to respray a guitar body. Can anyone recommend somebody in the local-ish area who might be able to help? Doesn't need to be luthier or anything like that just someone who knows what they're doing and will make a decent job if it...??? Apologies if I've posted this in wrong bit of forum. Ta.
  9. Yes I'll be singing but anyone else that wants to join in is more than welcome to do so. I'm wrong side of thirty...too old for RnR really but what to do...can't seem to give it up...it's habit forming. So are there any bassists or drummers out there fancy having a crack at this? Give me a shout...cheers!
  10. Hey players, I'm looking for a bassist and drummer for new covers band. Plan is to gig City & Shire just for kicks mostly ...mod, punk, indie & dance hearts most welcome...more info on request...peace n love comrades...I'm outa here! Ta, x
  11. Anyone fancy starting a new band? Or any existing groups out there looking for new members? Not really bothered whether it's covers or originals. I'm a Pop/Rock/Indie kinda player I suppose but all offers considered... Cheers
  12. We're an Aberdeen based band on the look out for a bass player. Anybody interested needs to be a solid player and up for weekly practices. We're not a heavy band so no stinkers please. Short and sweet so if you want more info please get in touch. Ta
  13. Our comeback gig at Tunnels is just around the corner...Still a few tickets left (I think) available from One Up. DJ Garbo's gonna do a set for yous lot too after we're done. 3am Finish. Ta, S.M.
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