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  1. Budget depends on what is on offer. What do you have for sale ?
  2. It won't fit. Screw hole dimensions are totally different from a Strat pickup. If you desperately wanted one (and I can't see why personally) then you could get a pickguard made to accomodate one.
  3. Thanks. I looked at it but 31kg on an empty cab
  4. Just the kind of response I would expect from a Thurso resident. Now if it had been from someone in Wick, it would have been funny. 8-)
  5. Needs to be in good condition, any make considered.
  6. Anyone recommend a good band accountant in Aberdeenshire / Aberdeen ? I have been using J.M. Taylor but since the woman left who was doing my accounts, Huw Owen in their Ellon branch took over....hence the reason I need a new accountant, I wouldn't trust him to add up a half dozen eggs properly !!
  7. Sold This amp has now been sold. Thanks.
  8. Sale Withdrawn Thought about it and it is too good an amp to let go so I'm going to keep it for now.
  9. A covers band would be good too. (Can't find how to edit my post)
  10. Forgot to say that I also have the original instruction manual and wiring schematic.
  11. Yes, they really are amazing. It now has JJ's in the preamp section and EH in the power amp side. Crystal clear.
  12. I have had this amp since new and it has been regularly serviced. New electrolytic caps etc. fitted recently. The speakers are Eminence Legend 121's which are fantastic but if you would prefer the Fender speakers I can fit them for you, your choice. This amp is almost N.O.S. looking, best condition twin anywhere. Even the footswitch is shiny. Beautiful sound with the typical Fender sparkle. LOUD...very LOUD. Much superior to the new Twins, this one is point to point wired. These vintage amps are becoming increasingly rare nowadays and I doubt if you will ever see one in this condition. (Guitars not for sale) Completely re-valved 6 weeks ago. Open to offers around 550.
  13. Thanks Oneway but really I'm looking to join an established band. I'm presently in a band but they have a very empty diary and won't do anything to help fill it.
  14. He made an absolute and complete mess of my guitar ! I wanted routing done for an extra pickup and the neck route from single to humbucker. I could have done a better job myself with a chisel and a hammer, the routing was miles out. Had to dump the body and get a new one.
  15. Preferably for a function / corporate type band. I have over 30 years experience and offer great harmonies. Own transport and top notch pro. gear.
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