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  1. Dazz, has D.G. got in touch with you yet ?
  2. Exactly right, thank you. I have had so much time wasted by "experienced" players who turn out to be as inexperienced as possible and with little or no talent or dedication.
  3. I had an email saying i had a private message. When I clicked on the link, that particular message was not there. I can read it from the email but unfortunately, I can't reply to the sender. Can you help please ?
  4. Will the guy who sent me the p.m. do it again please ? I can read it from the email but it is not showing up in my inbox so I can't reply.
  5. No that's not what I'm saying. If you read my response it is blatantly obvious what I'm saying. Intelligence is also required by the way.
  6. By top flight I mean guys who can actually play better than a complete beginner. I have wasted so much time with guys who "think" they can play but in reality are nowhere near the standard to entertain properly. Bedroom players generally end up staying in the bedroom, players on the other hand entertain.
  7. Brian. The number you left is unobtainable. Time waster or genuine problem ?
  8. Ron Macaskall in Balmedie. Excellent amp tech.
  9. Brian, can you call me, I have the wrong number for you.
  10. P.M'd you. I know what you mean but I'd rather join a working band over starting a new one if possible. I'm open for depping as well if anyone is interested.
  11. 100 years experience, own gear and transport. Looking to join a working function/wedding band. keystones@live.co.uk
  12. Apologies to all who have emailed me. I have a computer problem resulting in big com. problems. Will contact you as soon as I get it sorted.
  13. Ok, cards on the table. 54 yrs. old, ex. pro guitarist / saxaphone player. All the best of gear and knows how to play. I have played rock, country, chart material and originals. Any takers now that I have bared my soul ?
  14. Like I said in my p.m., I also have a drummer (a good one) and am very interested in starting again. I've just left a band after 12 years with them. You can contact me on keystones@live.co.uk
  15. Well, not that old just very experienced should we say.
  16. Oh, and another thing....lol You can contact me on keystones@live.co.uk
  17. Forgot to say---- I have an excellent drummer with me who is also available. A wedding band would be ideal but anything would be considered.
  18. Would like to join a gigging band. (Also available for temp.) Own transport and top gear. Too many years experience in most styles. With vocals and harmonies if required.
  19. Forgot to say, you can email me at Keystones@live.co.uk (Aberdeenshire based)
  20. Looking for position in wedding/function or country band. Lots of experience under my belt. Can play most styles. Own transport and gear. Available now for permanent position or temp.
  21. I have a Boogie Mk lll combo with an EV speaker that will sit on top of it so probably the 1912 Marshall would be best. Presently I would be fitting a Fender speaker but hope to eventually replace that with an EV. What area are you from ?
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