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  1. Brilliant vocal harmony pedal used in conjunction with your guitar. A rarely for sale used pedal at a bargain price of £90. As new with mains adaptor.
  2. Probably the best compressor ever made in pedal form and is now completely rare and near impossible to find. Excellent almost new condition £95
  3. No idea what to offer , how much do you want ? .......or did Brian buy it already ?

  4. Fender Japan 52 R.I. In nitro butterscotch. Offer ?
  5. As new in original box £35
  6. Brand new Epiphone hard case £40.
  7. Full Strat set with factory fitted bridge plate. £120
  8. Dunlop Cry Baby with Whipple conductor fitted, true bypass and Boss type mains adaptor. £30.
  9. As new and just under 1 year old. Never been giigged and only played in one room at home. Too many amps so cutting back to one only. I nearly kept this one but decided to keep my ac30 instead. £300. Cost me £499 new.
  10. Never been turned on as far as I know. Condition is fair for her age with the usual signs of wear and tear which is to be expected from a vintage model.
  11. £175. Absolutely as new. Bought it even though I have the TVP 260 as it is set up permanently in a studio. Wifie won't let me play it as it is too loud so up for sale at a bargain price. Bought from R&B around 18 months ago and switched on around 3 times before the wife went ballistic. Seriously good amp and a great bargain ! If it doesn't sell then see ad for Wife For Sale.
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