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  1. He didn't dive against Stuttgart, it was a stonewaller. A Rangers player getting abuse on an Aberdeen forum, who'd have thought it...
  2. alright thanks for the info. Shame they aren't coming to Aberdeen in their upcoming tour. why do crappy bands like the Killers come to Aberdeen yet big talents groups don't
  3. haha! Aberdeen seems to be getting loads of fairly big names coming up. They are all far too mainstream and bland though! All I'm bothered about seeing in the next few months is Ian Brown (funnily enough) and Foo Fighters/Serj Tankian 8-). All these bands like The View, MCR, Editors etc are here today gone tomorrow. Kings of Leon aren't bad though, they've gone quite prog with their new album. Was meaning to go to see Inme too though.
  4. No probs. Was it a good one? I really wanted to go but I felt so rough and didn't want to risk not getting at the door.
  5. Well Pendulum weren't in Aberdeen but it makes it look like they were.
  6. Why don't you make all the different sub forums protected (registered members only). That would increase registrations and maybe encourage participation.
  7. Was it not a bit misleading about the Pendulum thing? Loads of people have said to me recently, 'Did you hear Pendulum were playing in Aberdeen?'
  8. I should be going tonight, depends if the hangover kicks in though. What time are they on and do you get tickets at the door?
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