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  1. Like the sound of this Looking to play again after a year out apart from home electronic kit
  2. Yeah sounds good to me Could have a bass player as well
  3. Oh forgot to say I play drums and played a few bands that you have mentioned
  4. have u filled the drum slot yet

  5. for sale we have a 5 piece tama superstar custom fusion kit in titanium fade bass drum 20 " 10,12,14 Toms 14" snare all hardware extra stands , cowbell sabian axx stage crash cymbals 2 x 18" crash, 1x 16"crash,1 x 22" ride, 1 x 8" splash, 13" hi hats all cases and a dw drum throne kit was used for a years worth of gigs bought new from bruce millers hardly used now pics can be emailed £500 ono
  6. no more of this in a public or private conversation i wish them all the best
  7. nothing to do with anyone if i pm tom or not again the second time this has happened the whole reason why i aint played in a band for over a year a little decency in telling someone first that your looking for a new drummer thats all after you have made the effort to turn up and jam its ok no more posts from me ive retired from drumming
  8. i take it i have been bumped from the band before we even got going ? and i wasnt decent ? or is this another band your setting up ?
  9. have started a private conversation with email and mobile number enclosed
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