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  1. have u filled the drum slot yet

  2. We are a very experienced and very middle aged (ie the wrong end of 30's) singer and bassist, looking to put together a sorta "90's indie" flavoured band. We need a good, solid guitarist and drummer to complete things. Kind of stuff we are aiming at is predominantly along the lines of Stone Roses, Shed 7, Verve, Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene, Bluetones, Charlatans, La's, Dodgy, Blur, Suede, Pulp, Cast - you get the idea... We'll expand things a little by adding the likes of Jam/Weller, RHCP (early stuff), Elbow, KOL, Killers, etc. We already cover most of the above in our regular gigging acoustic act called "D.O.C", so this is really just doing a sort of "reverse unplugged" thing with the tunes. Assuming it works out, we'd look to convert some of our D.O.C gigs, so basically this thing could be gigging as soon as its ready. If you are interested, please send me a PM and we'll take from there. If you're not interested, feel free to commence with the derisory comments at the foot of this posting. We're already battle worn. We're not agesist, but to fit in with the vibe and not make us look like a pair of geriatrics, it's probably best if you are heading towards the golden years of middle age.
  3. Rainus5

    Ampeg SVT-610hlf

    heh - sorry, kinda hijacked your post here. Let me have a think, I'll PM you.
  4. Rainus5

    Ampeg SVT-610hlf

    It's an HLF. Comes with padded cover. Great cab, about 4 yrs old. There's a couple of tears on the tolexing (at the bottom) but overall in perfect nick. You'd be hard pushed to get a new one for under £600 (cheapest I can find online is £620), so for second hand a few years old I think £380 is a sensible price. Having said that, I'm only *thinking* about selling/upgrading! The right deal might sway me :0)
  5. Rainus5

    Ampeg SVT-610hlf

    I have an SVT410 and I'm considering upgrading to a 610. I see from en earlier posting that you may consider a trade + cash?
  6. Alright, long shot but you still after a band? if so check us out here, some early demos, stuff were doing now is a bit heavier.




  7. Pretty much as the title says..... I’ve been playing bass for umpteen years. I’ve played nationally, internationally, locally, in original bands, in covers bands, professionally, in the studio, on TV, major festivals, etc... From an experience standpoint, I’ve more or less covered all the bases (see what I did there?). As for style, I’m pretty much up for most stuff. My influences run from Primus to Portishead, Black Sabbath to Black Mountain (you get the idea). I prefer stuff that allows me to stretch my fingers/brain, but really I’m just looking for a side project and open to most ideas. Now the really important bits:- 1) I’m the wrong end of my 30’s (ie – 40) 2) Although I cited Primus as an influence, this does not mean I can play everything by Les Claypool 3) I do not, and will not, play Jazz. 4) I already play (guitar) in a band which gigs a few times a month, so I cant commit to a hard-gigging band. PM me if interested. And dont if not.
  8. I'm looking to form a dirty lo-fi outfit to do some Black Keys and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion type of stuff. This would comprise 2 guitars and drums. I'm ready to go on the vocals and one of the guitars, so need another guitarist (ideally to take more of a lead part) and a drummer. DISCLAIMER: I am already in 2 bands, so this is strictly a side project mainly for the joy of playing these tunes - however any gig opportunities would of course be exploited. Also, since it seems to be important to put your age on these postings, I'm at the arse-end of my 30's... PM me if you are interested.
  9. I play in an Aberdeen band called Blues Deluxe. We've been on the go for a cupla years play semi-regularly at a few venues around Aberdeen (Globe, Malter, Hunters, Butchers etc) and we've also been doing the Dundee/Montrose/Arbroath Blues festivals. In 2011 we want to spread our wings a bit and try out some new venues, in and around the North East, and also beyond. I'm looking for some help in the way of suggestions for venues where a good Blues band would go down well. Grateful for any ideas you can throw in our direction.... Mucho thanks R5
  10. I have an old speaker cabinet, which is loaded with a 1970's Goodman's 18" speaker. This was part of an old rig I inherited many years ago, and its been sitting my garage for years (nostalgia reasons, my Dad made the cabinet in the '80s) I remember the speaker had a good sound to it, and linked up to a 100W amp it gave a nice low-end sound. Other info: Speaker is 100W @ 4 ohms Cabinet is black wood, with flight case plastic corners Connected to a female jackplug IM me if you are interested.
  11. I have a spare ticket for Teenage Fanclub at the Warehouse on Tues 1st June. Ticket value is 17,50 + 2.50 booking fee to the pirates at Ticketweb. However I will let the ticket go for 15. If you are interested, text or call me 07711 916512 cheers Fraz
  12. Sat 4th April: Hunters Moon (Premnay, nr Insch) Sat 18th April: Beluga (Aberdeen) Fri 22nd May: Malt Mill (Aberdeen) Fri 29th May: Globe (Aberdeen) Be there, or be......erm......somewhere else I suppose....
  13. Sorry folks - mistake with the date in the previous thread. The gig is on Sat 28th FEBRUARY (not March as listed)
  14. THE BAND Andi Watson (Guitars) Colin Fraser (Drums) Paul Mackie (Vocals) Fraz Clark (Bass) THE HISTORY Blues Deluxe hail from Aberdeen, and formed in the summer of 2008, through Andi taking action on a long standing idea to form a Blues band. The 4 members have a vast wealth of experience between them from recording and playing live (locally, nationally and internationally) in many different bands over the last 20 years. From the very first rehearsal the band realised that they had something extra special, and since then have gone from strength to strength, building up a reputation as one of the top live acts in the area today. THE MUSIC The premise of Blues Deluxe is simple: Take the best of Blues, and try to make it better. They cover a wide range of well known (and lesser known) Blues tunes, old and new - from the old classic artists such as BB King and Freddie King, guitar legends such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix, to modern styles such as Gary Moore and Joe Bonamasa - and on all of these they put their own stamp. The result is a full bodied, rocking, dynamic sound which never fails to impress..... THE LIVE CD AND THE LAUNCH In December 2008, Blues Deluxe went into the studio and recorded a CD, absolutely live (no overdubs), which was completed in one afternoon. The band will be launching the CD at the malt Mill on Sat 28th March. Support on the night is provided by Headrush. Free entry. FOR MORE DETAILS Untitled
  15. I have one spare ticket for Alabama 3 at the Lemon Tree on 10th Dec. Looking for 20 (face value plus booking fee is 18 - the extra 2 will allow me to but a couple of tins of Special Brew so I can drown my sorrows for missing the gig.....) Please PM if u r interested. Cheers R5
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