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  1. very good. was thinking more 15-18
  2. what time would you estimate you d have to line up to pickup tickets on the door?
  3. this seems to be sold out now if anyone has 2 spare tickets please pm me/email me at fjmaceachran@gmail.com can meet up in city centre and pay cash cheers
  4. as title says. if anyone has some for sale pm me or email fjmaceachran@gmail.com can meet up with cash in city centre cheers
  5. was really looking forward to this but something has come up. id reccomend this gig to everyone, sergeant are amazing.
  6. MySpace.com - Hi 5 Alive - Glasgow, UK - Tropical / Indie / Pop - www.myspace.com/hi5alive are playing this tomorrow too.
  7. heading to this.ulterior came strongly reccomended by a freind.
  8. any ideas of running times, eg could one watch the whip and still make it in time for the live act at dhc?
  9. hopefully be off work that night. the wallbirds are top!
  10. posted in the trading post section,but if anyone has two tickets for sale pm me please.
  11. will be in city centre all day,reply on thread or pm. cheers:up:
  12. root system are also playing at drummonds tonight. great live act!!! MySpace.com - Root System - Fife,Scotland, UK - Ska - www.myspace.com/rootsystemska
  13. any local support for this gig/rough running times? cheers.
  14. undecided whether ill go to this or not, ive given the album a few listens,they have a few good songs, but the singers voice begins to annoy me. i saw them support someone in moshulu,wasnt pigeon detectives though. and they sound nothing like or like they are trying to sound like the view.
  15. i reccomend 'figure 5' they aren't from the era you requested,but are heavily influenced by it.infact-it was them who pointed me in the direction of the nuggets comps.they are one of my favourite bands. MySpace.com - Figure 5 - Glasgow, UK - Indie / Garage / Rock - www.myspace.com/figure5
  16. Doors 730pm Sarabeth Tucek 8.15-8.45pm - http://www.myspace.com/sarabethtucek Ray Lamontagne 9.15-10.45pm - http://www.myspace.com/raylamontagne
  17. i was in the bahamas last week and at the place i was staying maroon 5 were playing. i wasnt even going to go when i thought it was free,but it turned out the cheapest seats were $175 anging to $300. amy whinehouse is playing there soon too,who honestly would pay that kinda cash to see either of those acts.
  18. if anyone has tickets for this,get down early. the support in singer/songwriter 'beans on toast' his songs are catchy,political and funny. MySpace.com - Beans on Toast - London, UK - Country - www.myspace.com/sexdrugspolitics 'Beans on Toast is one man with a guitar. Hes been playing songs for about a year on time of writing this (25th June 2006) and intends to do this for a bit longer. Hes convinced that global warming is going to wipe out civilisation any minute now. Hes bored of racism. He enjoys having sex. He drinks too much. He has recently bought a new guitar. He intends to offer his songs for download on this site. He intends to change them on a regular basis. He is aware that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. He likes North London. He has a beautiful girlfriend. He pretends to be a gypsy Hes a big fan of Tom Robbins. Hes not a big fan of capitalism. He owns an Apple Mac. He spent the last year making some sort of stand against myspace. This is his myspace page. He has his tail between his legs. He is a proud Sagittarius. He pretends to be a hippy. All his songs have the same chords and he sounds like Billy Bragg.'
  19. Just to let folks know the running times. Look see proof 740 - 8.10 (they are pretty good by the way) Little Man Tate 8.30-9 The Twang 9.30-10.45
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