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  1. very good. was thinking more 15-18
  2. what time would you estimate you d have to line up to pickup tickets on the door?
  3. this seems to be sold out now if anyone has 2 spare tickets please pm me/email me at fjmaceachran@gmail.com can meet up in city centre and pay cash cheers
  4. as title says. if anyone has some for sale pm me or email fjmaceachran@gmail.com can meet up with cash in city centre cheers
  5. was really looking forward to this but something has come up. id reccomend this gig to everyone, sergeant are amazing.
  6. MySpace.com - Hi 5 Alive - Glasgow, UK - Tropical / Indie / Pop - www.myspace.com/hi5alive are playing this tomorrow too.
  7. heading to this.ulterior came strongly reccomended by a freind.
  8. any ideas of running times, eg could one watch the whip and still make it in time for the live act at dhc?
  9. hopefully be off work that night. the wallbirds are top!
  10. posted in the trading post section,but if anyone has two tickets for sale pm me please.
  11. will be in city centre all day,reply on thread or pm. cheers:up:
  12. root system are also playing at drummonds tonight. great live act!!! MySpace.com - Root System - Fife,Scotland, UK - Ska - www.myspace.com/rootsystemska
  13. any local support for this gig/rough running times? cheers.
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