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  1. BBC ... its on youtube somewhere ... who is your Dad ?
  2. James Grant of Love & Money and solo singer songwriter fame played a wee gig at my house.
  3. Yes I have a Burman 502, i might be talked into selling it. It has monster tone and VOLUME. It is very very heavy. I've not turned it on for ages. Will fire it up and let you know if it works ( it will) The reverb does not work. its a 50W, But its the loudest amp I've ever played. Its seen a bit of action so its not pristine but then you should expect some signs of usage given its age. Cheers Stuart
  4. Its up on e-bay now ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171530363148?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I have a few other items for a studio or live music check my auctions on e-bay.
  5. Yep Full ! Cleared out now.. text or call me on 07841 448445
  6. You get plenty of High Schools in Scotland I went to two ..Williamwood High School and Eastwood High School - both in Renfrewshire .. then I went to Mackie Academy ... so High Schools are not US related AT ALL...
  7. Johann is leader only in name... the real power in Labour is in Westminster, or indeed with the unions, Ironic in that the Labour Party "gave" us our Scottish Parliament but they are the most centrally controlled of the unionist parties. She is starting to make Iain Gray look competent, and falls far short of Donald Dewars standards. I believe Unite decided to back the No campaign before it even ran its ballot of members to decide if it should back the no campaign!
  8. Burman 502 - I just bought a 1979 Burman 502 Combo. Its in need of a bit of TLC and is missing a reverb tank. So far I've replaced the Power valve seats as they were arcing ... caused the screen resistors to blow... both fixed. Replaced the IEC socket as it was split. Next step is some new valves (KT 77 Gold Lion re-issue) and to hookup my accutronics reverb tank. The amp itself sounds AMAZING ... its built to military component specifications and wiring. These amps were incredibly expensive back in the 70's / 80's they have a 3 stage gain so the tones you can get are EPIC. Its a bit like a Fender Twin but with more balls and is capable of tremendous overdrive/sustain but also does beautiful Fender cleans . I'm going to change it to a head and am on the lookout for some Fane speakers ... Stuart
  9. I had one of these new back in the early 80's ... it was nothing special IMHO ... the Musicman Stingray I replaced it with was far superior...
  10. Well done you ... I think we need a smartphone vigilante group... I think smartphones are more addictive than heroin ... not that that I've tried smack/skag/H or whatever the current parlance for it is ... I do have a smartphone ... but I use it in a stupid manner ... so I think that cancels out nicely...
  11. current pet hate ... people who walk down union street looking at their "smart phones" instead of looking where they are going... then look astonished when they walk into you... like its your fault ... GTF
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