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  1. If the line up was appealing then I think the venue itself may not have been an issue. As it is you have one band who had their moment in the spotlight, another who didnt even really reach the spotlight and two local bands to make up the numbers/draw local people in.
  2. If they are offering tickets at half-price at this stage then I think there is a very real danger that this will not go ahead. I think this year has shown that a number of people have misjudged the Aberdeen music scence. The Northern Lights festival fell through as some had initially suspected it would. When push comes to shove, Aberdeen is a small city with a transient population. Selling out Drummonds etc is one thing, getting a full house at the AECC or Seaton Park is another thing all together.
  3. I think the line up is certainly an issue. Its poor and its a line up that would be suitable for a much smaller venue. Even the Music Hall or Beach Ballroom would be pushing it. Whoever thought it would be an idea to charge £40 for that line up needs their head checking.
  4. Im not surprised, the line up is tragic. £40 was pie in the sky. £20 is still steep for a line up that could grace the Tunnels. Do the people booking these things have any idea whatsover ?
  5. Another one that I couldn't understand was the 14+ ruling. A few of the acts are the types popular with young kids. In addition this ruling prevented families going along together.
  6. Unless this was a festival for only those people living in or around Aberdeen city centre then camping is certainly an issue. London has a population of a fair few million whilst Aberdeen is closer to 250k. People like you may not want to accept what has happened here but the reality is that camping is certainly an issue.
  7. The lack of camping did put people off. You may not agree with that but it is certainly a factor when people are buying tickets for a festival.
  8. Which in itself is fine too and the chalet arrangement works well for ATP but this was meant to be a summer festival. People are going to want to stay out in the evening air and take in the glorious weather.
  9. Which is fine if you are only aiming the festival at local people only.
  10. Im not keen on camping either but some people do love that camping experience though and the ability to chill out with other festival goers.
  11. I feel that a petition wont save this. The news is now out and people/companies will be very wary of buying into this. Location, no camping, cost and the mystery guest scenario has put people off.
  12. Bob Dylan is old. Quo are old and shit.
  13. Playing the gig, that he has been approached or both ?
  14. I don't agree with that. The Aberdeen music scene has always been quite small but it has never been great IMO. Someone on here mentioned a while back that there is a lot of mutual back slapping and not much else. I agree with that. I think a Tunnels related thread went through this. Anyway, back to the festival itself. Heard a whisper that Ian Brown is playing/or has been approached to play. If that is true then this will sell out without any problems at all.
  15. That was what came to mind here too. The problem with these sort of places is the clientele. You will have a hardcore of Tarquin's and Tamara's who will be friends of the owner spending a few quid during the week. People out spending serious money and/or company expenses will be put off by that sort of atmosphere and wont frequent it as much.
  16. So to confirm, the price of ticket does not include accommodation/camping ?
  17. Hope it goes well and as this town has a fair bit of cash people will snap the tickets up, minkers and music fans alike
  18. Cracking line up for a first attempt but will echo the chat amongst friends today, it's going to be minker central. The likes of Wizard mean that people have to travel and dodgers stay clear. Would love to see Twilight Sad but there is going to be far too many dodgers for my liking.
  19. brownie

    Wedding Bands

    Im another person interested in a wedding band. Feel free to drop me a pm with price if your band is interested.
  20. Why does a paying customer have to be proactvive ? People have given reasons as to why they do no longer venture out to many gigs in Aberdeen. If promoters/venue owners/bands feel that the reasons given are bitching and moaning then they need to get their heads out of the sand. When it gets to the stage where people drive 60+ miles to see something different then you know something is wrong.
  21. Totally agree. Tunnels was the place a while back and looked like it would turn into something special, however it has not turned out that way. Seeing the likes of Lightning Bolt at the venue were truly great nights. However it looks like Aberdeen will continue to be the sort of place it has been for years: The same few bands playing the same few not so great venues until a new generation of the same bands play the same not so great venues.
  22. Bought this a while back for a trip to Asia. Been sitting around not getting much use so it's time to sell it. Looking for 100
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