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  1. Hey folks have got a few unused drum heads to sell: 12” and 16” Evans Coated G1 - £20 13” Remo Coated Emperor - £10
  2. Hey folks, Selling my car if anyone's interested: http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/t-reg-seat-toledo-18-for-sale/1021037708 Cheers Al
  3. Bump. Cymbal bag sold. Bass drum bag and mics still up for grabs
  4. Cool I'll see you there about 6:45 on the 10th. Cheers Al
  5. WeirdAl

    Wedding Bands

    Hi folks, Does anyone know of any decent and reasonably priced Wedding Bands? Cheers
  6. The hacker perk is the way forward if you hate being blown up by mines. Means you can see them from miles away. It's the RCXD's that get on my nerves a bit
  7. Got straight into games last night with no problem whatsoever and I didn't even change anything; bizzare. Cheers for the help anyway
  8. Cheers for the info guys. I'll give it a go tonight
  9. Loving this game however for the past week I've not been able to get online. I'm playing it on the xbox 360 and I can do combat training (which requires you to be signed into xbox live) but I can't seem to get into any game lobbies. I press find game and it searches for ages and eventually (after a few minutes) comes up with a message saying that it could not connect to the COD server and that I should check the status on their website which says it's ok. A few minutes later it'll just randomly disconnect me from xbox live. It's getting quite annoying to say the least. Anyone else having this problem? It was working fine until about a week ago and hasn't worked since
  10. There's a lot of good stuff (videos mostly) in the lessons section on www.onlinedrummer.com. Everything from how to read sheet music to doing stick tricks and people can be really quite helpful on the forum if you have any questions. Enjoy
  11. WeirdAl

    Drums for sale

    Drums now sold. Mapex snare drum still up for grabs
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