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  1. I really enjoyed last night...never been to snafu for a gig before it wasn't too bad...nice and small for an intimate gig but there was some sound problems...but no i did really enjoy myself...the rumblestrips were great!
  2. I went to see the kills, was quite disappointed with them, it just seemed to drag on except for a few songs that were toe-tapping! But i was loving Be your own pet. Very energetic on stage and some god damn catchy songs, look forward to seeing them again if i can.
  3. It was a really good night last night , both bands were just great.
  4. I want to see the monkeys on Wednesday night aswell, oh wow they were amazing just amazing. The crowd were just going mad for them and damn right too! Highlight was a certain romance. But bummed they never came on for an encore they still had more songs to play, can't believe they didn't play bigger boys!
  5. Im not a fan of NME, for the fact that they bring some really good bands into the limelight which brings little teenyboppers liking them for the sake of it! But anyhoo i can't deny im a big fan of the monkeys and thier ability to tell a story through thier songs. Im going to see them at edinburgh tonight woo!
  6. They weren't too bad i suppose! Who were the support bands?
  7. The subways at Lemon Tree The Kooks at Tunnels Mystery Jets at Moshulu.
  8. I might just have to check that out!
  9. Thier new album is out in the US Just wondering if anyone knew when it would be out here. Loved thier first album - My coco one of my favourite songs of all time.!
  10. Twas quite a gd gig! Shame there wasn't more people to make some noise. I liked right hand left aswell.
  11. I got it recently. Wouldn't say it was amazingly good but i have no regrets about buying it at all.
  12. Oh my god you have made my night. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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