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  1. Beat the credit crunch and yourself off at this fantastic offer. Hugh E, Lewis and The Noose (Ex Maternal Bum Bond) El-ah-rairah Fox Makes The Party Live at the Tunnels, Tunnel 2 This Friday (29th of May) Only 99pence. Wowza what a deal.
  2. Is the knobbly knee and cream pie eating contest still on for this fete?
  3. PVH are the best electro pub neck band in Aberdeen. And Hines is fuckin beautiful.
  4. I love hot guys and Rikki and Roopy are the best hot guys in the world. Ever. I love them.
  5. Come on down for a night of japes. There will be a raffle and a home bakes stall. www.myspace.com/maternalbumbond www.myspace.com/chemicalcallum www.myspace.com/thehoyfolks
  6. The Maternal Bum Bond Connexion and Chemical Callum play the tunnels for a night of madcap adventures. support from the Holy Folks
  7. Steven Hines flashed his paps at me once. His nipples look like boils.
  8. Wow id really love to see these rock outfits. I heard the guitarist from tbfu has a hairy growth behind his left knee. SCHMEEEEEEEEEEEGLE.
  9. I used to play one when I played In Big Al And the Funkers, ferkin ace tone like.
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