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  1. So having an opinion is frowned apon on this site now? The post you reffered to said 'why don't people get off their arses and come and see us' Ollie clearly said he had and put forward an opinion that im sure many more on this site would agree with, secretly.I've seen them too and would completely agree with his opinion. Can't see anything constructive about telling Eskimo Blond their a great band when they are obviusly some stupid Pub-MOR band that the rest of the country would laugh at even Texas fans. Its obvious from the first post that a member of the band wrote that! Three posts are almost identical in style this coming from accounts that were set up at similar times and have similar avaitors. It reads like a piece of PR machinary not the genuine response of fans. Check the response of all those guys who went to the gig at Drummonds the other night (EF I think was the name) did they post a load of 'picture the scene the crowds reved-up then bang the band kicked in' crap or did they just go on to say how the band were outstanding and they thought it was a great gig. I personally think its easy to spot a fraudster like this a mile off. But I suppose Aberdeen Journals and the Sunday Show thingy on Northsound will love them!
  2. GSN deserve all the slagging they get! That thing about people from this website coming onto your website to slag you off is certainly not true in my case. I've never been interested enough in your band to check your website. You seem to over-estimate the importance of your band. Maybe there is a lot of people who like your band but are you going to be important to anybody? I very much doubt it. Don't you have a hot female lead singer? Shouldn't she do more of the promotion. You seem to be one one big ego trip which a lot of people have picked up on it.
  3. Ok yesterdays post perhaps suceeded in winding-up a lot of Aberdeen music which is great but it was not totally serious. However I meant every work I said about Girl Said No. There's no need for such bland, insipid, unimaginative music anywhere. If they were in Blunt's position rathar than a local band everyone would be attacking you guys! Surely commercial music can be more creative and exciting than this while appealing to a large core audience? You guys don't mean shit to me but I was in the car with my parents at the time. They really like you guys. Best wishes there's no way in the world I would begrudge you guys sucsess but that interview (On northsound) was one of the most painful things I've ever had to sit through. You just talked about how great you are. You were talking like footballers! Find something interesting and relevant to say about the world if you want to appeal to a wider audience. I honestly feel if you done this you guys would look better. Im not attacking cos im 'Alternative' but I don't like the attitude. Ok as I stated above I don't like your bands music but I think that you should take these criticisms on board in terms of your image. It might even help you get a record deal in this country.
  4. Thats such a great setlist. It brilliant that the Aberdeen scene is getting its voice recognised in such a way and that the scene leading bands such as Girl Said No or Eskimo Blonde are getting radio play in a renowned sunday evening spot thats guaranteed to win them a 'major record contract in Spain' or something like that. Seriously though the only thing I get from this show is a major misunderstanding of the local scene and what it stands for. They pick safe pub bands like GSN and do a deathly interview with some guitar player who claims that they are the greatest band ever and talks with about as much passion as an Interview with the Newcastle centre-forward pairing. I mean great they sold tickets faster than Geri Halliwell or something and drone on and on about it... but does anyone in any decent Aberdeen band eg. Little Kicks, Copy Halo, Stroszek, Dedalus really care about all this nonesense. Im sure if I was in a band I'd avoid being involved with this show like the plauge. To summarize I hate this show because they msitake 'indie' (oh lets end the show on The Seahorses' etc) with alternative (i.e. real bands on the scene playing music with passion). The days of Del and Jim Gellatly were great cos thoose guys cared but the new show is just token filler for sunday night. It could be a million times better.
  5. Hey I suppose I was more than a bit out of hand when I see what I wrote. Maybe I don't get on too well with everyone who's in the band now but there was no need for the nature of the comments. I actually really like most of Dedalus & used to see the old Dedalus all the time and really liked the band. I won't be going to see the new band for various reasons but I wish Steven, Rob, Neil etc all the best because there good guys and deserve to do well. Sorry hope this can be the end of the matter.
  6. Im not in the band but and good luck to them but I feel that there is probaly other bands out there more deserving of the hype than these guys it just seems like a big convention of mates. But no doubt they will have no problem getting gigs anyway.
  7. Oh stop sucking up to the alleged 'elite of Aberdeen'.
  8. Indeed, our first release may be a D.I.Y release. Oh the irony.
  9. Cloud your a legend. And yes I very much do know what you mean.
  10. Who's the lead singer? Who writes the songs?
  11. Is it true Neil from Reasons are Red and Lucy from the Cuts are in the band?
  12. I 'Lost My Hat' was definataly the best but generally the songs plod to much and rely on the riffs too much and not song structure or interesting writing. I didn't like the singers voice too much either. There are some interesting sounds and riff though so good luck.
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