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  1. Hi there people, well i have witnessed the asscendancy of a truly magnificent Aberdeen Band. Eskimo Blonde. Saturday the 22nd October, what a great night at the Lemon Tree. Saw all the acts. Missed the first 15mins of Baby Karma, sorry, but what i heard i liked. KF Tokyo and the Method were also very good, definite crowd pleasers. Final act was Eskimo Blonde. Picture the seen, nigh on full capacity Lemon Tree, crowd revved up from the previous acts,stage and venue blackened out then their intro music. Great to see the lads having a laugh with their name, the X factor theme music. Then the show of the night really started. Their Sound was perfect from the offing. Pulsing Drums and echoed guitars then BANG! The show really kicked off. Great adrenalin driven music all the way through, one thing, the show seemed to slow down for 10 mins or so, saying that the slower songs were great, then the pace upped a gear all the way to the end. One encore played, that for me was amazing, full throttle in your face, dont give a sh*t rock and roll. When you thought they had given all, they blast you away with the ferocity of their final song of the night. That song has to be gotten a hold of somehow. What is its name? Can anyone help? This band needs to be signed so the UK can hear them. When are they playing again. This band has a soft melodic side and the harder edged sound, i dont think Aberdeen has seen this bands full potential yet.!! ALL HAIL ESKIMO BLONDE
  2. Having recently seen and listened to Eskimo Blonde, Live and on the Radio. I was pleasantly surprized to read about them in the Daily Record because of some shenanigans with 3 liverpuddlian lasses from the X factor. What is the deal, all of a sudden there is a lot of press about the Lads. Have they been signed? I certainly hope so. They appear to be a decent bunch with a kick ass sound !! Are they not playing the lemon tree later this month? I shall be there.
  3. Eskimo blonde Hi there, well all i can say is i have heard all the sunday sessions from the start and enjoyed all of them. Sure the show is new and will take a wee while to get going but its a start and live music is where its at. I suggest all the local bands get their music in and appear on the show at some point. Liked Little Kcks a few weeks ago. As for Eskimo Blonde, melodious as ever, caught them about a month ago in the Malt Mill and they were smoking !! Seems to be a lttle heavier and rocky compared to their older stuff. A few little niggles to iron out, but they rock big time.
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