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  1. I always enjoy the glee with which this particular scene seems to exude when they're ripping the shit out of anyone who dares to show some enthusiasm for music and their part in it. What makes any of you think you can usefully comment on some lad's song? You're not exactly prominent or succesful songwriters yourselves, are you? The old saying says it all. Those who can't.....become critics. Long live the musically autistic. Down with talent.
  2. Doc

    Keith Chaos

    Close. I'm Stu's son. I guess he knows you then. Yep, stairs are a bitch.
  3. Doc

    Keith Chaos

    Elgin city's function room has a good sound. Not huge, but a decent stage. They are also amenable to letting it be used for gigs. Don't know at what cost though.
  4. Here's an equation that explains it all. Coldplay=commercially and artistically successful/ therefore/Aberdeen Music Musos=fucking hate them. To apply equation to other successful acts, simply replace "coldplay" with the band of your choice.
  5. My problem with the death penalty is that if you hang someone then when eveidence 15 years later proves they were innocent after all, there's no going back. At least you can compensate someone who's wrongly convicted for spending 15 years in jail if he's alive. And why do we jail people for non payment of fines and fraud anyway???
  6. Dynamic mic pointed where the neck joins the body. Overhead condeser pointing over your shoulder. Play and move mics till the sweet spot is found....you'll know it when you hear it.
  7. Fucking nonsense. I simply hate all the jealous negativity that's ingrained in this tiny, tiny, insular part of aberdeen's music scene that posts here. And it is tiny. The scene as you persist in calling it, is much bigger and encompasses so much more than the inward looking music fascists that seem to gravitate toward this board. Compare this forum with HUBL for instance. So I tell you what....YOU fuck off.
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