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  1. I'm keen to have a jam with you guys? Played the drums for 15 years. Give me a pm if your interested. Cheers
  2. I have 2 x T in the Park Weekend Tickets with Camping for sale. Genuine reason for sale. Can sell separately but would prefer to sell together. Will accept 190 each or nearest offer.
  3. Anyone got a spare seating ticket or 2 tickets anywhere for sale??
  4. This was a great night and was stoked to have been asked to play at such a wonderful venue. Thanks to all the people who organised and worked this gig. The visuals were just great!
  5. Looking for a keyboard player for "one off" function band. Queen / Robbie Williams / Rock Classics & usual function music. PM me if your interested!!
  6. I don't understand the real personal attacks on this forum by some people. Its just a fucking club night at the lemon tree!! END OF!! If you don't like it then fine, but don't personally abuse someone by calling them "goons" or wanting to "smash your face in with a brick". Thats crossing the line and there's absolutely no need for it!! I'm sure the guys are taking all comments on board but seriously, no need for the personal and rather disgusting behaviour.
  7. Well... this is nice Seriously, nae need for the insults guys.
  9. Fender Studio 85 Amp for sale. Great Condition and original 80's Red Button model. Offers welcome.
  10. The lack of soundcheck made things even worse. The sound was nae very good at all.
  11. Always hated BOTB scenarios myself. It kinda ends up with the whole thing turning into a joke. I've seen some really awful bands win these things in the past and they always end up disappearing into the abyss of time. It always seems to be the loud, rockin bands that win these things in aberdeen. I think this town needs a Tony Wilson figure who won't put up with the same old crap being pushed by the same old people year in, year out.
  12. I'll be there with bells on!! The Shakes are fuckin A!!
  13. The Music Hall is a shite live music venue full stop. There is no atmosphere whatsoever and the sound is always terrible. It is a disgrace that someone would throw a coin at the band. Absolutely shocking. However, a Bloc Party gig always depends on the mood of Kele Okereke. He didn't look like he was up for it before the incident and certainly wasn't afterwards! I was annoyed at the set they played tho. They never played the next single "I still remember" or "Little Thoughts". They did waste about 4 mins on that new song where the bass player plays drums too. That was awful. More effort required.
  14. I like the Aberdeen Scene. However, there are alot of bands playing the same shit. Thats not so good.
  15. RescueParty Cord Orchid Hells Disco Band Cafe Drummonds Tuesday 28th March 2006 Doors 8pm Tax 3
  16. Glad you don't like us. Was there anything productive about the negativity for local bands who spend all their time doing something they love or are you just a moron?? There are bands I have seen and don't like but I don't hide behind a username and slag them off. I have respect for them coz they do what they do and usually with passion. I wouldn't tell them I don't like them. Show some respect!!
  17. Looking forward to playing Snafu for the 1st time. Should be an ace night!!
  18. New Club Night at Snafu!! The Dirty Hearts Club present: - Lorenzo Snow Collective RescueParty Guest DJ's: The Little Kicks Snafu 5 Union Street Aberdeen Entry 2
  19. First Impressions of Earth - The Strokes Cuts Across The Land - The Duke Spirit Pink Flag - Wire
  20. www.myspace.com/rescuepartyonline www.myspace.com/theunderkills
  21. Kill The Young RescueParty Paritys Fall Kef Friday 20th January 2006 Tickets 5 from One-Up or RescueParty. Doors 7pm. www.killtheyoung.com www.myspace.com/rescuepartyonline
  22. I think that any band which defines a decade has to make a major impact, musically and culturally. None of which has happened this decade so far. I would definitely disagree that Green Day are decade defining. 90's or 00's.
  23. I like reading people's opinions on here but some people talk utter shite and take this far too seriously. You like what you like and you don't like what you don't like. Simple as. I find The Killers to be over rated. I like the first half of the album but the other half is utter pish. I also think that Slipknot are over rated. I just find them silly. Thats only my opinion tho.
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