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  1. i have one of them there things im sure you threatened to kill me if i didn't buy one or something. But yeah its ace
  2. hrm has to be keira knightly mm failing that i'd settle for liv tyler, or that girl in smallville with the dark hair,
  3. they put 50 cent on right before green day though, and people had to be there to get thier spaces, so yeah it was down to bad planning i think, i had to sit though like half an hour of the cent and god it was torture. Worth it though cause green day were awsome. top three bands are 1:green day 2:placebo 3:would be goldfinger cept it was cut short and i got crushed, so i would say lost prophets
  4. Family guy Arthur -loads of people here have said this! I thought i was alone in my love the wonderful Arthur! As told by ginger Futurama The magic school bus! anyone remember that? it was amazing!! oh and wow i forgot about pepperann i used to watch it all the time, now ive got the theme tune stuck in my head, hehe.
  5. Ive had alot of strange friends in my time, to quote a few "pigeons are spies i tell you! Look its watching us!" One talking about a female and male that we know "she looks like a man, and he looks like a girl, the perfect couple! THe lesbian and the twig" was funny at the time erm i have loads but its too early to think of any more My mum keeps telling me to go blonde i think thats weird!
  6. I have a red and black stripy jumper thing on wooo!
  7. HI i dont know my password, its ok when im online at home, but i cant get into the site in other places, ive tried the 'forgoten password' option but it doenst send it to my email adress. Just wondering how i can find out my password.
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