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  1. Yes it was Battery Living. They had a decent song called 'Pale Violet Lines'. Dunno what happened to em tho.?(
  2. Consider it veto'd you poncy gayboy.
  3. Aye it was a cracking night. Thanks to The Underkills and The Visitors, and thanks to Calum for asking us to play - we had such a good time! Hopefully lots of money was raised for the Playgroup! Steve
  4. Lead singer / songwriter STILL REQUIRED.......... Age 25+ Male Good vocal range able to rehearse at least once a week (usually evenings) interested? pm elwood or myself
  5. We (The Cobra Kai) are also on the quest to find that elusive of all band members.... the bassist. We are currently in the process of writing and developing songs and hope to be gigging by the end of the year. Current influences include - Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins & Muse although we all have diverse musical tastes so there will be more influences going forwards. One thing we do want to be doing is vocal harmonies so if you can sing then Commitment to weekly practice required, also ideally age 25+ male or female. Anyone interested fire me a pm. However looking at previous 'bass player wanted' posts i wont hold my breath! Steve 'Here endeth the lesson'
  6. Tenacious D - Tenacious D Smashing Pumpkins - Greatest Hits Fozzy - Fozzy Fozzy - Hapenstance Iron Maiden - Live After Death
  7. Agreed. I really enjoyed this one. Images and Words is still my fave DT album tho..... Sadly i missed download. must get to Glasgow in October
  8. Ermm, neil. Can you please change my username to: Steve Cobra Kai Thanks man. Steve
  9. Howdy folks. This is just me being a little nosy. Im wandering what everyone's set up is. I been out of the game for a few years and am just getting back into playing. I bought my kit in 1996 and in the last 11 years it has probably graced most stages in Aberdeen! Its a Premier XPK. 20" Bass Drum, 12" & 13" Toms, 16" Floor Tom and 14" Snare. The only drum i have needed to replace is the snare. I got a Pearl steel snare. I did have the Mapex Janus System Hi-hat/Double Bass pedals. I think they had some kind of design flaw as mine never really worked that well. Anyway i have caniballised this and two old pedals to make a new double kick pedal. And now to cymbals. I guess everyone has their own opinions / favourites. When i bought my kit i bought Sabian AA Regulat Hats and a AA 16" Bright Crash. Shortly after that i added a AA 20" Rock Ride. These are excellent cymbals and still sound as good today as they did then! I have had a couple of 18" crash cymbals, but in order to save cash i bought from cheaper ranges (B8 Pro) and ultimately payed more as they have cracked and died. I have just added a Sabian AA 16" Rocktagon and next on my list is a !8" Medium Crash (and im tempted to go all out and buy a Hand Hamered one). What are other peoples cymbal preferences?!? Finally. Sticks. It occurs to me that i have never really put that much tought into my choice of drumsticks. 'Thick ones that won't break easily' seemed to be the order of the day. I was using Vic Firth 2Bs back in my PsychoAgogo and Dos Dedos days. What kinda sticks are you guys using? And where do people fall on the nylon or wood tip question. Sorry if this post seems like mindless drivel. Im just interested in what other drummers are using. Besides, no-one talks to drummers so we may as well speak to each other! Ta ta for now! Steve 'Here endeth the lesson' P.S. How good were Reel Big Fish on Thurs!!!!!!!!!
  10. Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos Reel Big Fish - Our Live Album is Better Than Your Live Album
  11. Where did you hear that?!? My better half worked at E & M so she is having the hassle of finding a new job. From what she has told me the buildings are in a pretty bad state of repair and it would cost anyone moving in a fortune to refurbish and repair. Steve 'Here endeth the lesson'
  12. Thanks to all who posted replies! If Toms is expensive at 15 of our scottish pounds to the hour, how much would people say rehearsing should cost? How much does Musical Vision cost per hour? Steve 'Here endeth the lesson'
  13. Hmmmmmmm...... Ramones...... it's just not my bag, baby! Besides after so long out of the game, my drumming would probably be a load of crapolla!!! Not that it wasn't before like! o_O Steve 'Here endeth the lesson'
  14. Im getting married on May 12th. What a fool i am........ o_O
  15. This was discussed over a year ago but we never got it together. And speaking of Ross, where is the bugger these days?!? If you read this Mr Morrison get in touch! Steve 'Here endeth the lesson'
  16. Still together or forever lost in Aberdeen band legend?!? Surely us old boys should get our bands back together and show these kids how it's done........ Steve dosdedos 'Here endeth the lesson'
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