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  1. Are you looking to play covers or original material?
  2. I agree, really like the sound. If you're still looking for somebody give me a shout. I'm not in any bands just now but I am doing some of my own acoustic stuff.
  3. I've been having a search and can't find much up to date info on local open mic nights. Can anyone offer any assistance? So far I have found that the Moorings have a weekly "Jam Factory" on Sunday nights. There is mention of nights at Tunnels, Cellar 35 and Drummonds but I have no idea if the info is still relevant.
  4. I'm looking to buy a new guitar of the electro-acoustic variety. Although the PRS acoustic guitars look not too shabby, I dont want to/cant spend a fortune just yet! Im thinking a couple of hundred pounds for my first acoustic to see how I get on So far the Ibanez EW20 is of interest. Any suggestions or warnings?
  5. Im willing to pay good money for a place to rent that is suitable for rehearsal! Preferably looking for a space that can be paid for weekly or monthly. Would be interested in places with equipment or somewhere where equipment could be left securely Would consider anything really! Is there anything like this going?!
  6. I have been using Captain Toms for many years. Its not exactly cheap but the best thing about it is its consistency. It always feels like a gamble booking to practice in other places cos you're never sure what you've going to get. I have used Musical Vision a couple of times and when I went there (maybe a year ago) we had to wait for someone to show up. There seemed to be a lot of stuff about the place and a lack of decent equipment. Maybe you have to ask for different amps etc? Anyway, Ive always find that the amps, PA and drum kits are pretty much ready to rock on arrival at toms and if Ive had a problem someone will sort it. Is anyone running a lock-up type practice space these days? Ive heard theres one off Market Street but dont know too much about it Also, does anyone have their own practice space that they rent privately cos Id be interested to hear how they set that up. Do people find its much better to have your own space? Is the problem just finding somewhere or are you happy to pay by the hour?
  7. Is there a shortage of drummers or what!? We're still looking if anyone is up for it!
  8. Any interest? I hope the "quirky pop rock" description hasn't put anyone off. The music will be interesting!
  9. We have an opening for a drummer. We have 4 songs written (with my home made recordings available to hear if you want to get an idea) and so far the sound we are developing is a quirky pop rock sound. We are looking to get a few more songs under our belt and get gigging. Influences include modest mouse, mclusky and biffy clyro amongst many others. Give me a pm or leave a comment and Ill get back to you. Sye
  10. sye

    Bassist Needed!

    Since this was posted we have found a bassist. I'm putting a new post up as we now need a drummer. Thanks for the interest!
  11. I use Firefox for its spell-checker and it's meant to be less susceptible to viruses.
  12. sye

    Your current read?

    I was reading "don't tell mum I work on the rigs she thinks I'm a piano player in a whorehouse" by Paul Carter which was pretty funny but now if I have the time to read, I'm reading "The Official Highway Code" and it's pretty dull.
  13. Why is it that they are so fixated on the "fag" issue. By their standards, shouldn't they be at the funeral of every actor who has played the part of a "sinner"? Do they believe consensual sex between people of the same sex is more of a sin than murder or rape?
  14. sye

    Bassist Needed!

    Demo's now on myspace. These are home made by me but they will give you an idea of the sound: MySpace.com - PaperTrails - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Experimental / Electro - www.myspace.com/papertrailsmusic Contact me if you're interested through my page: MySpace.com - ~Sye~ - 24 - Male - UK - www.myspace.com/papertrails Sye
  15. sye

    Bassist Needed!

    Hard to say. I'm into a lot of music and I couldn't say the songs so far sound like any of my favorite bands. I guess Mclusky are an influence.... I've been told it sounds like a nice refused! Figure that one out! o_O I think i will post my demo's on myspace for all to hear and make up there own minds. Sye
  16. sye

    Bassist Needed!

    Hi there, I've got myself for vocals and guitar, another guitarist and a drummer lined up. I've got some songs. We just need a bassist to get started! Songs so far are catchy and short. Quirky and unusual. We want to be practicing regularly and looking to gig locally as soon as we are ready. Please let me know if you're interested! Sye
  17. Im looking for a drummer in Aberdeen. Must be pretty solid and keen to take on a challenge as I am interested in using some unusual beats and time signatures. Too many influences to list. I have started writing the basics on my laptop so if youre interested Ill send you a song or two to give you an idea of the style. Please email me - oceansyes@hotmail.co.uk
  18. A gig worth making the effort to go to! …but wait, I’m not up for queuing outside the door for ages! I don't know who's organising this but there are meant to be tickets at One-Up which have not shown up.
  19. Tickets are sold out, i went in to 1up earlier. Same goes btw... i'd buy a few tickets but it's not looking likely....
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