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    Post Rock

    Hey, I can't PM due to my inbox being full apparently. Tried deleting a few messages but it's not working. Can you please email me. Cheers
  2. sye

    Post Rock

    Just wondering if anyone would be keen for forming a post-rock style band. I play guitar so would be looking for a drummer and bassist as well as any other musicians that could add to this. Would most likely be instrumental but we could possibly experiment with some singing. I'd be looking for people who could commit to a couple of hours or practice every 1/2 weeks to begin with. Must be reliable and able to play consistently and to a reasonable standard. Ability to play in unusual (but not overly complex) time signatures would be important. Influences such as Mogwai, Mono, Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and similar. Could also go into heavier post-metal territory if prefered, Pelican, ISIS etc. Give me a shout if you want to discuss. Cheers!
  3. sye

    Drummer and Bassist?

    PM'ed man. Any drummers out there to put their stamp on this project?
  4. sye

    Drummer and Bassist?

    We're still looking. If anybody is keen let me know. We have some rough recordings we could send. Any questions, just ask.
  5. sye

    Drummer and Bassist?

    The other guitarist/vocalist is mid twenties and I'm a few years older. As long as you are an adult and able to commit, age isn't too much of an issue.
  6. Hey, Two guitarist and vocalist types looking for a bassist and drummer. Working on our own material - alternative/indie vibe a la Young the Giant, Two Door Cinema Club, Coldplay, Modest Mouse etc... Looking to practice once a fortnight and work towards local gigs from there. Give me a shout if you have questions or are keen to meet.
  7. ZT Lunchbox 200W Portable Mini Guitar Combo Amp - Boxed | eBay
  8. ZT Lunchbox 200W 1x6.5 Guitar Combo Amp - Boxed | eBay This little guy didn't sell. Great amp but it needs to go. I have one person interested. Anybody else keen...? Make me an offer.
  9. sye scot | eBay Damaged Working BOSS ML-2 Metal Core Gain Distortion ZT Lunchbox 200W 1x6.5 Guitar Combo Amp - Boxed Orange Crush 15 Guitar Combo Amplifier Beringer Xenyx 12 Input Mixer Tanglewood Deep Bodied Archtop Semi Acoustic Guitar Digitech Vocal 300 Voice Effects Foot Pedal Rare Alesis MMT-8 Vintage Multi Track Midi Recorder Set of 2 Humbucker Pickups B.C.Rich c/w knobs etc
  10. Hey, has anybody got a noise suppressor pedal they could sell me for a reasonable price? Would consider any model as long as it does a decent job.
  11. I did consider changing the tubes but decided that might be throwing good money after bad and maybe it was just not the amp for me. Also did roll back the volume which helped a little but as I have other options, theres no point in taking a compromise. It would probably sound good with Tele single coils, it just doesnt like my PRS SE Humbuckers. I wouldnt mind a lack of extra bells and whistles on an amp but I do want an effects loop and good clean and overdrive tones. Didnt think that would be such a hard thing to find at a reasonable price.
  12. I heard that too but for me and with my guitar it broke up far too early to play anything clean over the drums in rehearsal. I also found it generally quite noisy at high volumes.
  13. My only concern with that one is that there is no gain control on the clean, only master volume. There is apparently a master on the back too but not clear on how that will work. If I can have it loud on the back and low on the front to keep it clean that will be fine but really I'm not sure.
  14. Yeah, I got an Orange Thunder 30 at it has next to no clean headroom when I play my PRS SE Custom 24 through it. Perhaps an amateur mistake as apparently Orange amps are not really designed to do clean cleans. It's going back to the shop and what I'm looking at instead is a Laney LH50 or a H&K Statesman Dual EL34. The H&K requiring another cash injection, the Laney being slightly cheaper. Going for a diverse quiet to loud alt rock sound. A bit prog, a bit grunge. Really needs to be a versatile amp.
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I do get the impression that people would rather blame the manufacturer than admit they didn't look after their amp. I'm torn between a Laney (LH50) and a H&K (Statesman Dual EL34). Based on what you're saying, they could both be decent quality...
  16. I am currently trying to find an amp for a reasonable price. There are a few amps that have all the features I need but they are brands that seem to get badmouthed on the internet a lot. Has anybody got any real-life experience with with Hughes & Kettner, Laney, Bugera or any other lower budget orientated brands in terms of reliability. I'm not interested in people who are just perpetuating rumours, I'd be very interested to hear peoples experiences with these brands or any suggestions on value for money brands I might have missed. Thanks!
  17. Thanks, actually have a full line up now. (Bono is doing an acoustic set.) my.rednoseday.com/musicrelief Giving your stuff a listen just now. Like your work!
  18. I am looking to put a gig on at Tunnels on the 8th of April. My band (Sort Of Alive) and one other band are lined up but I still need at least one more act willing to play a short set. All proceeds are going directly to Comic Relief. Sye
  19. I am looking to put a gig on at Tunnels on the 8th of April. My band (Sort Of Alive) and one other band are lined up but I still need at least one more act willing to play a short set. All proceeds are going directly to Comic Relief. Sye
  20. Bump: Still looking. Thanks.
  21. Yeah, that works but I was hoping for a link to the ebay ad...
  22. Do you have a link to your ad? Have found this model for sale in Lennoxtown, East Dunbartonshire and Irvine... both of these locations would be too far to go for collection to be honest.
  23. Hi there. I am looking for a keyboard as soon as possible. 61 keys and touch response are pretty much essential and it'll need to have a decent bank of sounds. Please let me know if you can offer something. Cheers, Sye
  24. I'm putting a band together. It'll be original material but haven't decided if we're going to need another guitarist yet. Will give you a shout!
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