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  1. Kings X - Gretchen goes to Nebraska. 26 years on it's still as fresh as ever...Ty Tabors guitar tone here is exquisite, Throw in Doug Pinnicks vocals and some excellent Beatlesque/Gospel three part vocal harmonies and you have a great record.
  2. I think it's a big gamble.... if it takes off, it could be a real hit as it is something completely different from other kid-themed Musial entertainment. However,equally it could bomb without a trace. Personally, I wish you guys well, as its an interesting concept.
  3. Fridge

    lead player

    you have a pm
  4. I have one...wouldn't part with it though, tremendous value for money. Great for recording/DI too
  5. Another option I found worked quite well was using a BBE Sonic Stomp box and maxing out both controls.....instead of sweetening your sound it gives a nice clean boost when used that way.
  6. Not really interested in Barlows music...if you like it, then fair play to you. This is the old Tax Avoidance vs Tax Evasion chestnut.....one is illegal, one isn't. Personally, I think this is something the Government should plug, and plug urgently, but it's never going to happen as they would be shitting on their own doorstep by pissing off their paymasters and fellow cronies. (this goes for ALL major political parties, not just the Tories btw) Hence the current demonisation of sick and disabled people who are costing the state a fraction of what tax loopholes are...much softer targets.
  7. Seriously annoyed. Just bought a vetta combo via Gumtree and it played fine for about half an hour, then a sudden blue flash from the rear, burning smell and is now dead as a dodo.....hoping it is a fuse or something similar. Does anyone know of a decent local concern that will be able to repair this? Obviously it is out of warranty and I don't think Line 6 support these anymore. Any help/advice appreciated.
  8. Competent, versatile guitarist (mid 40s) looking for rockin' band, covers and originals both considered, though emphasis is on gigging....I have plenty of time to spare, so only interested in bands that want to make a good go of it and gig frequently. Age is just a number to me by the way. Comfortable playing most styles, though biased to classic/hard rock....can write stuff as well as play covers,mp3s on request...own decent quality gear and transport...based in Mintlaw but happy to drive reasonable distance for right opportunity.
  9. I once heard a wedding band do that track, and they had pre-recorded the guitar parts...heinous.
  10. So who plays guitar on the tracks that need keys then?????
  11. Here's a couple of home recorded efforts What do you think? https://soundcloud.com/fridge67/hidden-pleasures https://soundcloud.com/fridge67/when-the-night-comes
  12. If you're not just putting a duo together, I'd offer my services on guitar...plenty of gigging experience both covers and originals
  13. As it says in title, versatile guitarist (40s) with loads of gigging experience seeks already formed covers band (not really wanting to start from scratch) Comfortable with most styles though definitely a rock bias. MP3s of original material available on request Paul mobile : 07583669760
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