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  1. yeh i notcied ebay is not good for selling tickets unless your really lucky. id say try in local papers and stuff......parents are going to look more in there than online probably. You might get your expected price too.
  2. Suzie

    What a Loser!

    its not working anymore........damn
  3. Im friends with some of his and we all found out on saturday night when we were out. We were all pretty shocked as you can imagine so its a hard time for them all. We heard otherwards of " a tragic accident" but im not commenting untill the post mortem has been done. When i heard about the news i wasn't quite sure who he was, it had no occurred to me that i do know who he was cause he noticed clothing i bought from his work. he was such a nice guy too.
  4. aaah the joys that was st machar academy. i left 2 years ago, day before my 17th, i didn't like it much there for a few reasons.
  5. the last picture, before the 80's pictures come up i used to talk to him hahaha but in all honesty half of those hair cuts are not actually THAT bad.
  6. Suzie


    september 4th. im well excited about seeing mcfly, woot woot!
  7. in the uk. - Spirit In The Sky - Doctor & The Medics in the us- Live To Tell - Madonna
  8. the "BOY BAND" are from arbroath, and the one on the right is one of my friends, and to be fairly honest his hair aint bad compared to the rest of them.
  9. oh my god people why are you so shocked he is not guilty? it was quite obvious the little shit was lying i dont care what anyone says. his mother had a lot to do with it......come on....taking a successful man with a hell of a lot of money....and a woman who has a child with cancer and wants the best treatment for him.....hmmm hello quite obvious from where i was standing. im glad he was found not guilty of all accounts i knew from start he had done nothing wrong. he's a child at heart who never had a childhood because of his abusive father and childhood success.
  10. hahah that was classic. wasn't expecting that at the end.
  11. is there any other places rather than getting them online to buy the tickets? hopefully they don't all go before i can pay for one!
  12. aaah i found the best (i.e worst) bouncer/ security guard EVER! at the underoath gig. as you can imagine its packed downstairs so no room to swing a cat, even most of the standing room was taken up by the sound system thingy for the bands which i didn't mind. The only thing that hacked me off was when myself and my friend tried to move to the floor because there was no standing room we got as far as the bottom of the stairs, realised there was no room at all so we stood on the stairs but at the side so we didn't block the stairs of people wanting out. To this the guy said "can you move down to the floor" so i said that there was no way of moving anywhere and he replied very stupidly "well just push then" to which i laughed and then said "yeh cause thats bloody good for health and safety aint it" and i proceeded to stand on the stairs and the guy walked away. oh and this all happened in kef, which has stupid prices to get in even for local gigs..........grr my rant is over. i can sleep now
  13. does anyone know door times and stuff for drummonds?
  14. oooh thanks! ive been trying to find this out along with my friend, i was hoping its somewhere that won't cost me money!
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