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This friday at Moshulu catch Fickle Public and Distophia on the 5th night of their Scottish tour. For those who dont know Fickle Public:

'...fugazi bumping into pavement with riffs so heavy they make your head cave in' - The List

'...they like to scream like little boys having their teeth pulled by their naked mothers. eat fugazi, swim indie-punk' - Drowned In Sound

For those unaware of Distophia:

"Influneced by early Sonic Youth and Mogwai, they're cheifly in thrall to the visceral joy of utter cacophony, but at the heart of these scrapyard symphonies lie some sweet, almost folkish melodies worthy of The Delgados or Bright Eyes." - NME

And if that wasnt enough local support comes from

Copy Haho

'...Copy Haho take Post Rock on a stage and weave this tried genre into something more acceptable via some Factory Records, circa 1981 inflences.' - Is This Music?

and Turning 13 who dont have a quote that it easy to find but most of you know what they are like by now.

So there we go:

This Friday at Moshulu doors are at 7 and tickets are 4 and available from One Up or The Bassment.

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Guest stuartmaxwell

just back from fickle and distophia in glasgow barfly

it was fucking immense. get yer arses along to this show. it absolutely blew me away. fickle were 10 times better than the lock up show. fuck a duck

both distophia and fickle were two of the tightest and most energetic bands i have seen in a while, it would be a trajedy if you missed out folks, a trajedy. i am coming up to the deen on friday for this (maybe)

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