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Petrol heads/speed freaks video!


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Right click and save as. This is the only video I have watched that has made me feel nervous about speed. It is insane. Basically it's the BMW M3 GTR Race Car doing a lap of the 14mile Nurenburg in Germany + the F1 track. The first section is the track and isn't that interesting but when get gets out in the forest...wow! The rate this car eats up 911 Race cars and the like is just mad...pant wetingly fast...enjoy...

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True Tav lol.

I wouldnt say that the BMW is a faster car than the Porsche though. Nuremburg is a place where any one can pay to do a lap of the course. Jeremy Clarkson did it and he was be overtaken by guys at silly speeds. The guy driving the BMW is one excellent driver :rockon:

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Yeah I have been to Portlethen once or twice. Myself and Jester were stranded once in the Asda car park' date=' the Portlethen neds chose to sit and watch us trying to change the tyre on the Jester mobile.[/quote']

should have said.......id have run over with a brew for ya

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