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So What Crazy Shenanigans Will Those Onion Terror Boys Be Up To...


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Do you have anything in mind? ....

i do! i have many infact:

1) Prank phonecall LIVE ON STAGE @ KEF

2) Make some nutter drink an onion and FUDGE smoothie (you get the connection?)

3) Play Topless (whooooooo! boys)

4) offer a free ONION TERROR CD to someone who will shave their head (or eyebrows if they are a less hardcore crowd) on stage!

5) Make some nutter rub ONION and GARLIC paste into their chest and get another nutter to lick it off!

6)....uh....i.....i dunno!

i dunno


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I will have to say that after our practice last night, we won't be going for any crazy shenanigans tomorrow, due to the hard-ass rock of the bill it'd be stupid to have an extreme yulle log eating or onion drinking competition. However, our antics will return next month when we play a certain venue... even i'm looking forward to it... muahahahahha

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