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Bassist up for grabs!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hey i am 17, and looking to join a band, or maybe start one up, i have been playing my wonderful for about two years now, and i love to play in the correct order:

Top Three

Alkaline Trio



But i will pretty much play anyhting aslong as it agrees with my very close minded taste.

Anyways if anyone needs a bassist let me know, I am more than willing to try and write some of our own stuff if that appeals to anyone, but covers are just as good.

so just give me an email on


or just leave a reply.

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Haven't had a chance to listen to the songs yet, as i am suffering badly with the flu, and plus my home computer is a heap of rubbish and wont play them, but i like the general direction that your music goes, i think i would be interested, i proberly don't know most of the songs that you would want to play as covers, but i could easily learn them, as i am a quick learner. just out of interest where abouts do you stay, and just out of interest on a scale of one to ten how serious are you about starting a band, as i have had some failed attemps at stating a band, but they ohter members where not as serious as me.

Anyway i think we should see what we could do, and just go with the flow.

So yes i am interested, just let me know what you think we should do from here and lets see what happens shall we

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Hillhead is not far from my flat. Basically to get to hillhead walk up King Street (if you are coming from Union Street) past the BP Garage. A few metres on there is a set of traffic lights. Cross the road and turn left. You should find yourself walking past a builiding called The Aberdeen Officer Training Corps. Keep walking up the hill. Then you will see a group of flats on the other side of the road. Cross the road here to the otherside where you see an obvious entrance. Et voila. Or just get the no.20 bus.

By the way if yourself or Andy are wanting an extra guitarist for a jam session (probably a rhythm guitarist) then let us know. Even just for a laugh. My flat can get quite boring at times. Sorry I haven't been in touch with you recently, Andy, hope we can still jam.

Keep jammin'


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Cheers for the indepth directions, i am always up for a jam, even if its just nice sounding noise lol.

just so you know i am currently tied down with comiments during the week (work in otherwords) but i am free every weekend all weekend.

So if you just name a weekend and a time and a place then i am always more than willing to give it a try.

cheers steve

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