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Bass Amps

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Firstly you need to work out what your budget is.

I have 2 bass amps.

Laney 120w combo (Rubbish)

Ashdown 300 EVO 320w head

Ampeg SVT Pro Classic 8x8 600w

www.soundslive.co.uk is where I bought most of it

Ampegs are expensive although can often be found cheap on Ebay or in papers etc.

Ampeg heads are astonishly expensive. Ashdown are a UK company that a lot of people are turning to in the UK due to them being seen as an equivalent of Ampeg.

Trace stuff is SOLID......You can chuck them down the stairs and they`ll maybe have a scratch.

No ideas about anything else

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fire down to pro sound

shaun will get you sorted

He certainly will, tho not tomorrow coz its his day off........but any other day between monday and saturday he'll be available :up:

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