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JJ 10 Easy Wishes

how pish was bar pivo?

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i know it had very little to do with us (but i feel responsible as it was us who put you guys forward as a possible support band)

so apologies anyway

i dont know what possesed them to do a gig at Pivo

the folks organising it had no scoobies whatsoever

down with them!


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yeah it's true...

We sent him a CD with a bunch of bands that we thought would make good support acts for his band

- and he chose Dirtbox and 10EW - the cd did have a MMW track on it! (one from your EP)

dirtbox couldnt play

10EW could

however the guys with 'the plan' didnt really have much of a plan at all

and it was a bit of a shambles

the gig was meant to be on Sat 30th actually

but they moved it... which probably wasnt a good idea


meh. i didnt get to go to the gig either..

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