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Mull Historical Society


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DF Concerts presents: Mull Historical Society+support

Tuesday 23 November 2004

Lemon Tree Caf

Tickets: 14 including booking fee

Doors Open: 7.30pm

Show Starts: 8.30pm

Box Office: 01224 642230

After recording his last two albums in Glasgow, This Is Hope was compiled during an intense three-week recording burst in London studio The Strongroom. Since he was responsible for producing the record and playing most of the instruments from bass guitar to banging beer kegs, preparation was hugely important.

"I felt almost like an athlete honing myself for a big game," he remembers, "or an actor stepping up for a big part." The result is an album that manages to combine a starburst of ideas with a leaner sound, particularly noticeable on the sinewy opening track Peculiar. But fans of Colin's endlessly inventive approach to sonic science needn't worry; the rest of This Is Hope features a whole range of found sounds, including a lusty singalong from a MHS gig, a monologue from Colin's grandmother and three sisters recorded on mini-disc in the back streets of New Orleans singing a gospel chorus. And that's all in the same song!


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