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My First Guitar - Any Tutors/Helpful Pointers?

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Hi everyone


At the age of 32 I'm finally having a bash at learning to play a real instrument after decades spent focusing on recording/engineering/mastering etc. 


I've been lent a Fender Squier Strat to get to grips with which I'm just running through a V-Amp pro at the moment for convenience. If anyone out there would be willing to help a guitar newbie get to grips with his axe I can supply all the tea, coffee, choccy biscuits one can eat (or financial rewards if preferred). I'll obviously be doing the youtube video thing but nothing quite compares to real two way human interaction.


Hopefully this post is in the right forum (apologies if it's not, let me know and I'll try and move it).


Many thanks to anyone who has read this and can help out in any way at all. 


John S.





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