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Small/portable bass combo


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It is unfortunate that the best tool that I've found for the job has been discontinued - the Ibanez Promethean or its "clones" (Harley Benton/RedSub).  I have the RedSub BT5110.  Here's mine doing a bit of solo practice:




A 250W 1x10 combo, but with a removable head, so you can have a 500W rig if you present it with 4 ohms of cab(s).  The combo is loud enough to handle gig volume band rehearsals (just), but you have the flexibility to really bring the noise if you have to (that's where the 4 ohm 4x10 cab comes in ;)).  Loads of tone shaping options.  Aux in, headphones out, DI, two button footswitch socket (mute/colour).  I should stop.  Suffice to say, it really can cover all applications (solo practice, quiet jam, iPod amplifier (got a tweeter so sounds really good), 500W amp head for a big rig).  A bit chunky/heavy, not the bonniest cabinet (the Ibanez looks a lot smarter in this respect), but it's just so flexible.


You might be able to find one second hand if you look hard.  Other than mine of course, because I can't see a situation other than giving up bass entirely where I would sell this.


Not sure which (if any) current products out there are quite as flexible, which is a shame.

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Mind that's only when you take the head out and hook it up to a 4 ohm cab (or two 8 ohm cabs).  Can't make it out much but here it is sitting on top of my 4x10 at Slains:




I use it in the combo (250W) for band rehearsals and it makes itself heard pretty good (it is working pretty hard to be fair).  Here's a recording from our rehearsal room. That's the room sound, recorded with a Zoom handy recorder, probably a bit of compression applied afterwards but no trickery apart from that.


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I forgot to mention, the specific (discontinued) Ibanez Promethean I'm talking about is the P5110.  There is a 300W Promethean (P3110/P3115) currently available but it's not got the removable head.  It is louder in the combo (think it gives the full 300W) but delivers no more power if you plug in an extension cab (but will be louder because you'll be shifting more air).

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