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the official whos going to...thread

Guest stuartmaxwell

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Guest stuartmaxwell

Hello all you aberdeen type people

I would like to bring this fine fine thing to your attention!

SENATOR (Laconic Records)

Edinburgh 3 piece present rock the way it should be, loud and proud. Recently recorded their new album with none other than STEVE ALBINI (it is very very good). Think shellac meets nirvana. I recently caught them in edinburgh and it was blistering!

www.senatortheband.com with two mp3s for your enjoyment

ALAMOS (Pet piranaha Records)

Good mates with Stellastar*!Have supported current media darlings franz ferdinand and sons and daughters. Think mclusky with disco basslines from the 80's, strange but alarmingly catchy, they are fast becoming one of my favourite bands!!

Upcoming release on pet piranha records

www.alamos.co.uk (trust me download "photograph it"!!)

Deadloss MF Superstar




www.vitaminic.co.uk has some tracks too

+UGLY Dj's (me and joss)

Friday 24th September, at the wonderful Dr Drakes, doors at 8pm with a 4 tax

the free sampler cds will be behind the bar in drakes on wed 15th, check one up too!

bring your friends.bring your neighbours.bring your gran (she'll love it!)

so whos coming?? :up:

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I have heard things Mr Maxwell... my ears are waiting for the evening with anticipation.

Ooooh and Sharon' date=' who are we playing with on October 2nd? Stephen hasn't told me.

PS: *oozes with anticipation*[/quote']

sat 2nd oct with Australian electro-pop band Cartwheel

they're on english independent label Valentine Records www.valentinerecords.co.uk

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