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I've been given the opportunity to promote a gig for a Country/Americana acoustic duo in Aberdeen.


This is the first time I've done anything like this, and if I can get this one done I would like to keep going and try to promote more bands in the Country/Americana genre.  There doesn't seem to be many country acts play Aberdeen.


I'm looking for any advice that anyone can pass on to get me started i.e venues, pitfalls, things I should/shouldn't do.


Thanks for any help.

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I've seen you guys before @ The Moorings, had a really good night !!


I'm going to try The Blue Lamp, Lemon Tree, Tunnels, Cellar 35 and Snafu so far.  Any others that I could try ?


Not sure if The Moorings is the right place for them, maybe when they have a full band but not sure for just the two of them.


It needs to be a place where I can sell ticket to pay them. They are playing several festivals through the summer and have a free couple of nights and have asked me to organise a gig for them.

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Are they a band you could sell tickets for? As in, are they known enough in Aberdeen to sell tickets? If not, get a decent couple of support acts who will bring in a crowd and make sure to pay them.


I reckon The Blue Lamp would be your best shot.


I'd like to go to this, something a bit different innit?

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