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  1. Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds in Country Music Ags Connolly - How About Now? JP Harris & The Tough Choices - Home Is Where the Hurt Is The New Madrids - Through the Heart of Town Cale Tyson - High on Lonesome Ben Rogers - Lost Stories John Fullbright - Songs Otis Gibbs - Souvenirs Of a Misspent Youth Harry Dean Stanton - Partly Fiction The Red Dirt Skinners - Live in Aberdeen
  2. Would love to use The Lemon Tree, but it's affa affa expensive !!
  3. I love the Blue Lamp and have used it for most of my gigs. The main room is a brilliant room and I've had nothing but compliments about the sound. There's also a smaller room upstairs (cap. 40-50 maybe ??)
  4. My dream is to put on an Americana music festival in Aberdeen, similar to the Glasgow Americana Festival and Southern Fried in Perth. Admittedly nae abodys cup o tea musically, but it would be great !! Maybe one day!
  5. Thanks guys. That give me a few more places to try. Cheers
  6. Where are good place to put up posters to advertise a gig ? Obviously, there is the venue itself, but I've tried loads of places (shops/cafes e.t.c) and a lot of them don't allow it. So far I've got posters up in HMV R&B Music iiMusic Book & Beans Cavern Records any others anyone knows of ?
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