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From the Naewye page today:


Regarding Issue 2 of Naewye.

Unfortunately we regret to advise that issue 2 will be delayed. We simply have not received enough content to justify producing the zine in its current format. I have taken the decision to reassess how to approach the next issue and feel it would be best for me to contact individuals to produce work for the zine. I can appreciate that it can be hard to find the time to produce something for the zine, but felt we had given enough notice to make this achievable.

For those of you kind enough to submit work I will be in contact and it could result in you having to make some changes to the work.

We will still be producing Naewye, this is by no means the end, just a slight hiccup. We are still looking for people to get in contact for the project, but will aim to collaborate more with creatives in order to hit our publishing deadlines.



Bit of a shame- I'd have thought folk would have been jumping at the chance to talk about their projects!  If you would like to submit something, you can get in touch with Paul (info@naewye.com), guidelines for this issue can be found here: http://www.naewye.com/about

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