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Bass Amp Advice

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I'm looking to purchase a new amp that will meet practice room requirements, be good/big enough to tour with if need be and most importantly, be portable.


I understand that by their nature, bass amps are heavy and large but I wondered if anyone had experience playing with something smaller and still getting a decent, warm tone.


Any advice?

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Cheers for the info!


What are the model numbers of the RedSub/Harley Benton clones do you know?


The RedSub is this one: http://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/RedSub-BT5110-500W-Bass-Amp/C61


Although they're still listing it on the site I think the delivery date of end of October (which has slipped - was end of September last I looked) is code for "we can't get it any more".


The Harley Benton is/was this one: http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_ba5110c.htm


As you can see it's been pulled from their product list.

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Oh, I should also say that the replacement Ibanez Promethean for the P5110 combo (the P3110 and the 1x15 P3115) is something of a backward step - 300W@4 ohms, head is no longer removable from the combo, less tone shaping options.  I have no idea why they have committed commercial and functional suicide with this.

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