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Gfn? Presents: River Jumpers Bad Ideas + Cleavers + Needleman @ Cellar 35, 11/04/13


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Great show. I'm worryingly deaf this morning. I think it was the Cleavers bass that did it, when it was making the amp look like it was going to set on fire. Now all I hear is whitenoise on one lug.



Needleman were solid. Looking forward to hearing more. That song you do in drop D stands out a mile for me. Much better than the ones up on Bandcamp. It 'goes places'. Did you record that one?


Cleavers were just chaos. Total fun.


I really liked Bad Ideas, and I didn't expect to. Not usually my thing, but the songs were incredibly catchy. He's a great singer, and the whole band were just ridiculously tight.


River Jumpers killed it, and again, ridiculously tight. Too good.

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Yeah, the drop D one is called Please Don't Jump and it's a new(ish) one so it's not recorded yet. We have a couple of new ones in the pipe and the plan is to record the next batch once they're tightened up. PDJ was the one we were most worried about but it seems to have gotten the best response, so happy as fuck.


Turns out that those cabs have a bulb in there to stop the tweeter blowing, so basically the cab would've blown a fuse immediately were it not for that glowing! Excellent.


All the bands were fucking amazing though, absolutely killed it. Happy as fuck to be a part of it!



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I enjoyed the gig too. Cellar 35 had a great atmosphere last night.


Cleavers were absolutely fantastic, like the Ramones/Misfits/Converge having a clusterfuck with moustaches of justice thrown into the mix. While Bad Ideas did what they do well they aren't really my cup of tea. Their singer did have a great voice though. River Jumpers were awesome, really tight and had some great songs.


As first gigs go it wasn't bad for us and I'm sure that once we've fleshed out the set with the new ones we're working on we'll have a bit more to offer. Massive thanks to Jan for letting me borrow his amp (which sounds great btw, well jealous) and massive thanks to Kirk/GFN? for putting us on and Steve for doing the sound.

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