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Amp For Sale: Egnater Renegade 65watt head

Soda Jerk

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I'm just testing the water here, as I have an ongoing hand injury keeping me from playing guitar, so I won't be playing in a band any time soon, and this wonderful amplifier is sat, going to waste.

Here it is, sat atop some farty cab at MV (not included):


The Renegade is a high-gain two channel amp, with stacks of versatility. Mine is the limited edition 'back in black' range which was in available in Europe, and not many were made.

The tube-mix allows you to blend and go back and forth between 6L6 and EL34 power tubes, the former giving you a cleaner and more compressed tone, and the latter being brighter and crunchier. The clean channel ranges from shimmering Fender-like cleans to JCM800 bite, and the second channel picks up where the first channel leaves off, ranging all the way to bollock-smashing gain. The EQ is wonderfully versatile and it is all-tube and natural. In addition to the usual 3-band EQ, you can tweak the tone switching between Tight and Deep, the former keeping your palm mutes razor sharp, and the latter giving your grooves a bit more oomph; and also Bright and Normal. Again, all-tube, so no artificial and digital low end like you get on the new JCMs. You also get Presence and Density controls, the latter of which really thickens up the saturation of the overdrive for ridiculous crunch. I usually have this on full!

You also get a built in clean boost integrated into the footswtch. The amp has two master volume settings, the first 1 being your normal master volume, and the second one being the boost volume, so it goes 1 louder, or 7, without adding extra gain. You can set it to just boost your clean, drive or both channels. Same with the FX loop and reverb. The reverb is digital, but it sounds pretty great.

It came with an odd mix of valves including a few wary looking Marshall ones which sounded godawful. I swapped out the whole preamp section with Tung Sols, which sound much better! It comes with the 4 button foot switch, a padded vinyl cover, and I still have the original box for it too if you want it, and I might be able to dig out the manual too. Did I mention that it is as loud as shit?! Because it is. I've very rarely had it past 10 o'clock. When I did, people complained.

They retail at £849. I got this for £650. I'm looking to let it go for £550. Non negotiable, unless you want to give me more. I'll take more, but not less.

If you'd like to know anything else, then get in touch. I can arrange tryouts for anyone who is seriously interested in buying it. It's a great amplifier, one of the best I've ever played through. I had a modded DSL50 before this, and the Egnater totally kills it. I'll be sad to see it go, but it just isn't get used.

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