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Newcastle United appoint Graeme Souness as new manager?!!!

JJ 10 Easy Wishes

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Guest Scorge Spike

What the bloody hell is Freddy Shepherd thinking?

Souness is a volatile, inconsistent, and diva-esque idiot, so at least he'll have one thing in common with his dressing room. Was he really the best Newcastle can do? Don't think so, somehow.......

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I'm gutted. We could have at least signed an actual manager' date=' as opposed to someone that has won the fa cup once, given liverpool the worst season they ever had, and won nothing except mediocrity from clubs across europe. what a step backwards. I'm sad[/quote']

Very True about the Liverpool part.

He sold all the good players the King Kenny had signed then went out and bought loads of crap young players.

It's cause of him The Mighty Reds have not won the league for 13 years.

I am sure he won the league with some team in Turkey.

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Yeh but it's hardly a challenge to win a league with Galatasaray is it? They are, as far as I know, the wealthiest club in the country and that league is pretty much an SPL type affair, where the same teams win everything each year. I just hope he doesn't do his usual trick and start buying players from his old clubs. I suppose time will tell whether he is the man for the job.

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