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Marionettes Xmas Party at Cellar 35

Graham Knight

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There was quite a party at Cellar 35 last night!

Paddy and The Marionettes played a pretty wild set that had the crowd leaping about and performing pyramids.

No mean feat having a 10 man pyramid in this venue that has very limited height - fortunately strongman Nefarious C was there to make sure no one died when the pyramid eventually collapsed.

On the last number seven dedicated Marionettes fans were bunched around Paddy's microphone - all singing their hearts out.

The mince pies were pretty good too.

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Never seen Marionettes live before but they had one of those performances which got better with every song. The early part of the set was pretty polite stuff, but by the end of the night they had created a proper party atmosphere, and the energy carried them through some technical faults - which didn't spoil my enjoyment of their set at all. I'd say they started with a whimper but finished with a roar.

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This was an awesome night. I was asked to join the pyramid but I don't think Euan's fragile spine could have supported my seventeen stone frame.

Fairly hammered as well. Such a night out. Min Diesel were typically awesome and Marionettes were so good. Unbelievably good in fact. I've probably seen them 7-8 times over the years and I think that that was the best of the bunch, enjoyment wise. Such a tight band and every single one of them a bloody nice person. Fucking loved it. Show of the year.

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