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  1. Hi Bill how much are you looking for the 1974x
  2. Thanks, I want to get one painted up like Paul wellers one for a Raffle prize.
  3. a long shot Colb, did you sell the 330 copy? I'm looking for one for a project.
  4. aka-ska

    Van hire.

    Any more options for van hire in aberdeen for a 5 piece band and gear.? Most of the local van hire are 3 seaters.
  5. I thought you couldn't see the pics Bri?
  6. Skint at the moment, might give you a shout next month if it's still available.
  7. Nice, if only I had 900 quid. I've just souped up my Gibson Midtown so i'm out of funds at the moment. Trade wise i have an American Standard Telecaster, a Takamine 12 string acoustic and a Marshall 4x12 1960 cabinet that I don't use.
  8. What colours the Rickenbacker?
  9. Colin, do you hire out the van as well? Looking to hire a van for a couple of gigs out of town. Turner van hire have let us down at last minute.
  10. My mate runs the Workmans club next door to the U2 hotel. Its an excellent place with usually a couple of bands on every night and cracking Djs.
  11. It's the head and 1x12 that I have.
  12. I don't know, I'm not convinced its the sound for me. I went for it more for the size than sound, I used to have a marshall jcm 900 and a 4x12 and got sick of bust my back loading it in and out gigs. let me think about it. is it the combo or stack you're looking for?
  13. I have a rebel 30 amp. It's nae bad.
  14. Forgot to say you may need a 9v battery for the eq.
  15. I'll meet you at lunch time. I'll meet you at Starbucks at 12-30.
  16. It'll give you a chance to get used to it. Let me know where and when and I'll drop it off.
  17. Nae bother, i'm off work for a couple of days. I can meet you tomorrow if you want.
  18. I'll give ye a shot of an acoustic if you want. Its a 12 string takemine with built in pick ups.
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