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DI Box Wanted!!!


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If you can afford it, save up and get a Countryman Type 85 Active DI or a Radial Engineering J48 Active DI.

Please note that the Type 85 can run on 48v phantom power or a 9v battery, whereas the J48 only uses 48v Phantom Power. I have a type 85 and like it a lot. It was a standard for many years.

I also have a Radial Engineering JDI Passive DI which isn't that great for passive guitars but can get me by and is no slouch. Handy if there's lots of interference from other electrical sources.

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Cheers for the replies...In the end got myself sorted with an active box from that new store in the Academy. Only £20 it was and has already done me proud without hiccup at a recent gig. I dare say the more expensive ones are probably better but to my unsophisticated ears it does the job just fine.


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