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Buying any Caparison (Preferably Horus Oiled Walnut)


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Hey there,

I've been posting recently on the Sevenstring and Caparison forums hoping to find someone selling a Caparison locally. Google found an old post with someone selling a Caparison TAT on here so i thought i'd post and see if i could attract someone selling one.

Basically i'm looking for a Caparison... any will do as i've tried a few and i generally love the feel of all of them. I will however pay a bit more for a Horus Oiled Walnut finish and more for a maple fretboard.

I've got a lump some that i'm willing to spend if the Caparison is in good nick. I live local to Edinburgh so if you're selling one or know someone who's selling one, message me below or PM me!



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Thanks for the replies guys, and i'm still looking. Been continually bumping posts on Sevenstring and the Caparison forums. Does anyone know any good community sites or Classified sites where i might be able to pick one up?

Been tempted to order one from one of the Ebay sellers from Japan, but all the customs fee's and stuff kinda put me off. Guess all i can do is keep my eyes open or increase my budget!

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