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NME/Amazon 'Sound for a Pound' promo

Swingin' Ryan

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NME/Amazon are doing a pretty good little promotional thing right now, giving downloads of certain albums for a quid. There's not a huge choice but some pretty good stuff for a quid; The Strokes, The Cribs, Foals, Weezer etc so may be some people interested.

I just got the new Arcade Fire album for a pound so that was rather tasty.

If you go here Amazon.co.uk: NME Top Festival Acts 2010, pick the album you want and type in NMEPROMO in the promo code section then you'll get the download for a pound (there's a limit of 1 album per customer and it runs out on the 18th).

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It's not really bad just distinctly average. I love 'Funeral' and like 'Neon Bible' a lot too so I hoped for more. There are some good songs, I think the first couple of tracks are great, but there are few awful ones and a lot of mediocre stuff I just have no desire ever to listen to.

I also loved 'Funeral', was a bit disappointed by 'Neon Bible' and when I tried to listen to the new one for the second time I got bored of it half way through and switched it off.

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