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Free Downloadable 'Best of Aberdeen' Sampler

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Hello there,

My name's Eoin and I'm co-owner of local music blog Hercules Moments (Hercules Moments).

Later this month - the 18th of August to be precise - we will be releasing a free downloadable sampler on our website featuring 10 of the best bands in Aberdeen. (And yes, we know we missed off a few good bands, but who knows, there might be another one sometime in the future!!)

The sampler, which we have imaginatively titled 'Hercules Moments: Vol. 1', boasts a range of styles from indie and pop-punk through to classic rock and blues, and features tracks from:

Eskimo Blonde, Estrella, Only the Brave, FiveFifteen, Indian Red Lopez, Captain Face, Right Hand Left, The Hijacks, The Lorelei and Gerry Jablonski & the Electric Band.

To celebrate the release, we're holding a bit of a launch party at Cafe Drummonds on the 18th starting at 8pm, which will feature exclusive acoustic performances by Right Hand Left, Eskimo Blonde, FiveFifteen and Only the Brave.

We hope to see you there. If you come along, please do stop me and say hi - I'll be the one in the Hercules Moments t-shirt running around like a madman!

Details can be found on our website, and on Facebook (Welcome to Facebook).



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